full size window??

  gudda96 17:35 19 Jun 2003

I know that you can drag a 1/2 window then close to make it open maximum size next time but I believe you can tick a box that makes it open full size every time.

can anyone tell me where it is please.

  spikeychris 17:52 19 Jun 2003

Do you mean an Internet explorer window? there is no tick box to tick.

If you right-click the Internet Explorer icon on the Quick Launch toolbar (or your IE
shortcut in Start Menu) and select Properties.
On the Shortcut tab, next to Run, click the down arrow and select Maximized.

This doesn't work for windows opened by clicking hyperlinks.

Start IE, right click any link on a web page, and select Open in a New Window.
Go back to the first IE window you opened and close it.
Return to the second window and manually drag it to fill the screen.
(Do not use the maximize button, for that's a temporary setting that will not be

Now press the Ctrl button, and close this second window, holding the Ctrl button
depressed, using 'close' in the File menu (important!).

This should force Windows to remember the settings, and windows will now open


  gudda96 11:04 20 Jun 2003

Hi Chris

Thanks for answering but I cannot follow all you say.

My O/S is W98SE so don?t know if things are different on your PC.

If I r/c on IE icon (D/T) then properties, there is no shortcut tab.

I have just opened IE/you said Open in a New Window but I could not see that option.

Can I say that I don?t have the problem in IE, its when I open say a word or excel doc or even when I open My Computer. Its not all the time and as I said in my post, I do know how to drag to maximum rather than use max button. I also know that if I close the window I have just maximized (r/c on taskbar) it WILL open maximized next time.

I have been told that in settings/configuration somewhere, you can tick a box that says something like ?open as full window all the time?

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