Full Screen

  calone 19:54 08 Jan 2004

How do you exit from full screen with no
leads. Tried most ways but had to shut down
and reboot.There must be an easy way out/

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 19:55 08 Jan 2004

full screen with what?

  beeuuem 19:59 08 Jan 2004

Try 'Esc'key

  terminus 20:02 08 Jan 2004

try F11

  Pesala 20:22 08 Jan 2004

Try Alter Tab

Try Alt F4

Last resort: Try Ctrl Alt Delete

  calone 14:20 09 Jan 2004

Thank you all for your advice.
I think i tried all those but i will wait for
next time and see what works.

  terminus 14:27 09 Jan 2004

OK calone but if it happens while you're using IE as on this site the F11 key will expand and later contract the page.

  calone 19:34 09 Jan 2004

Terminus Thanks.

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