Full scan using AVG9 on Windows7

  birdface 21:26 26 Oct 2009

New computer with Windows7 downloaded and the usual security programs.
The problem is when I run a full scan it takes 2 minutes 56 seconds.
I know Windows 7 is supposed to be quicker but not that quick.
I must have changed something in AVG but can't find out what.
Anyone got any ideas only on 2Mb from virgin.

  Sea Urchin 21:43 26 Oct 2009

On Computer Scan - change Scan settings - have you perhaps set it to Fast Scan?

  birdface 22:27 26 Oct 2009

No it is set in the middle so not that.
Maybe it is because i have not got a lot downloaded yet.But normally it takes at least 40 minutes to do a full scan.So not sure how it is now doing it in less than 3 minutes.

  Batch 10:14 27 Oct 2009

Have you just got Win7 on the PC without much in the way of any apps or your data? If so, that might well explain it.

  birdface 10:43 27 Oct 2009

Yes not a lot on it at the moment.
I had just reformatted my old computer and it used to take at least 40 minutes with practically nothing on it. So thought that something must have been wrong.
I never installed the driver and utilities disc i received with the computer and just let Microsoft download them all for me.
it also included a trial version of Norton that i do not want on my computer and that was another reason for not running it.
So not sure if that may be the problem.

  john bunyan 11:00 27 Oct 2009

I use AVG 8.5 at the moment and remarks on the forum have deterred me from going for 9. Some others have questioned AVG free in W7 and say that Avira is better. I will be very interested , as one who is contempating a switch to W7, in your conclusions. On the face of it it sounds as if it is only scanning a few folders as my 8.5 scan takes about 40 mins too.

  birdface 11:20 27 Oct 2009

Something not quite right even though I have little on the computer at the moment I find it hard to believe it can do a full scan in less than 3 minutes.
I must have the scan setting wrong somewhere but can't pinpoint the problem at the moment.
I prefer AVG as you can set it to scan when you are going out and it will shut down the computer when it is finished.
There have been a few moans from those using Avira because of the constant pop ups that they get to upgrade.

  cocteau48 12:05 27 Oct 2009

Surely this is related to the new cache scanner function incorporated into AVG 9 which is supposed to produce a much faster scan.
"The cache server is used to help speed up the AVG tests and resident shield to limit memory useage and so the testing doesn't take as long. It allows AVG to know what has been tested previously so it doesn't need to retest them unless they are changed or updated. In short, it optimizes AVG."

Did it not run an initial scan during installation?
Mine certainly did.

However I have to admit that I have rolled back to AVG 8.5 again as I.along with many others on their forum,have found that the combination of AVG 9 and Zone Alarm is slowing down surfing.
I think they are working on it.

  birdface 12:12 27 Oct 2009

Sorry did not know about the much faster scan.
I suppose with that and a faster computer it would speed things up a bit.
I think it may be something to do with the settings.
You can only scan Infectable files I am sure on the old version you could scan all files which took longer to scan.

  birdface 12:38 27 Oct 2009

There was another setting that I just tried.
Scan all file types.
Ran it using that and it took just over 4 minutes.
So not sure if i should leave it at that setting or not.I suppose I can use both at different times.

  birdface 09:13 28 Oct 2009

Anyone else using AVG9 and Windows7 having the same problem or are their scans taking longer.
I can see if it only takes 4 minutes to do a full scan everyone will be using it shortly.
I will class this as resolved as I seem to be the only one with the problem and will put it down to the lack of programs on my computer at the moment.

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