'Full Programs on DVDs'?

  Housten 16:19 03 Sep 2011

Good afternoon,

A couple of hours ago our post was delivered. My post was PCA for 'NOV 2011' and so I had a look at the DVD. What I find odd - and I hope I will be corrected on this - is that included is 'ADVANCED SYSTEMCARE PRO 4.0'. Now I have had quite a few emails offering me the new version but the number is '10.5'. This would seem to be, therefore, quite an old programme and yet there is only a three month 'free' period, before it has to be paid for and PCA have included it under 'FULL PROGRAMS' whereas I think that it should be under 'TRIALS'. Because that's what you are getting before you have to purchase it. On top of all that I have been asking a few questions lately and the advice I have received is not to bother with it - so does PCA ignore its own forums when putting together the DVDs?

  northumbria61 23:08 03 Sep 2011

Suggest you address your query to the Forum Editor

  sunnystaines 10:11 04 Sep 2011


very good question sounds like a trial, maybe a typo error at pca.

I use ASC Pro have done for several years, they often offer a free licence in offers on line these are normally for one year.

  Housten 11:55 04 Sep 2011

northumbria61 and sunnystaines,

Good morning, gentlemen,

[ Although it is teaming down here!! ]

Yes, I know I could have asked the FE directly but what I was interested in was what were other peoples opinions. I was not 100% certain that I was being - or rather I was trying to be - unbiased and I wondered what others were thinking! I mean that if there were some replies and most thought I was being biased/unreasonable/stupid it would hardly be worth asking the FE in that case, even if - in the unlikely event - I was correct, would it! At the moment it would seem 50/50, so I will leave it for the time being in the hope that there are some more replies/posts, and then see which way to go. Or maybe you have different views but those were mine, and I stick by them.

  lotvic 12:26 04 Sep 2011

Are you sure there is a version 10.5? I can't find any reference to that on .iobit.com it only has V4

  sunnystaines 13:34 04 Sep 2011

my version of ASC is ver 4.10. there is a beta of version 5 out.

10.5 i do not think this is a version number.

  Housten 17:21 04 Sep 2011


Whoops!! I believe I owe a very big apology over this - I was confusing two programmes! However I stick by my point that 'Full Versions ' of programmes on the DVDs should not have a limit on them. Yes, I can see that companies want to know how many people are using their software so online registration is acceptable, but 3 and/or 6 months before they fall over I think is incorrect/wrong/or whatever else you want to call it!

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