full format not working?

  Muergo 09:25 07 Nov 2009

As per advice given to me here in previous thread, I am restarting my backup.

The external disc I use for backup I formatted to give me a clean slate prior to setting up new backup schedule, but it showed nothing on the disc but only 148.8Gb available out of 160Gb.

What's taking up this space and why can't I get it to format everything.

I am now doing a complete backup using Acronis and will do subsequent incremental or differential backups, but after last discussions I am still not clear as to which is the preferred one, it caused a lot of argument last time I asked this.

  howard64 10:08 07 Nov 2009

it is the crazy way that manufacturers use different methods of describing their equipment. Looseley based on a GB being either 1000 bits or 1024 bits of info. They claim the best poss way of describing but in reality what you have is spot on. I use Acronis and when I set up a new pc and have it running as I like it I do a full image backup. From then on for at least a year I do an incremental backup ie only adding what has changed since the last one. On my present pc I had 3 hard drives fail. The original after almost a year which was replaced under warranty. The next 2 replacements failed after a couple of weeks. The 3 rd. replacement is still ok after 4 months. Each replacement has been set up using only Acronis. No format just running the cd I made up from the original acronis setup.

  Muergo 11:13 07 Nov 2009

I know that there is a difference between the way capacity is expressed, but that doesn't account for difference between 160 and 148 Gb, I think that there must be something remaining on the disc after formatting even though it shows no files in it.

I think there is another option on Acronis for deep formatting.

What CD do you make? I have not done a rescue disc because I have all my original setup discs from when I bought it, do I need to burn another one?

Of course those discs won't have all the service packs on them, is that why you run a rescue disc?

  Muergo 11:26 07 Nov 2009

This gets more peculiar, I did a complete backup, "Entire disc" according to Acronis to my external drive.
That shows it has used space of 26.5Gb but my main C drive has a used space of 39Gb.

What has not been backed up?

  Grey Goo 11:45 07 Nov 2009

Acronis compresses the data so it becomes smaller.

  Grey Goo 11:57 07 Nov 2009

Your figure of 148 is about right for a 160 drive after formatting.
click here

  howard64 12:02 07 Nov 2009

when you first install acronis you get the option to create a startup disk. If you did not do it then go to tools - make bootable rescue disk.

  Muergo 12:08 07 Nov 2009

Thank you both for your help, I will do a rescue disc, at the moment it is validating an incremental, taking ages, have set it to incrementalise!! every two days.

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