full duplex/2 sound cards

  Socalled 12:31 11 Jul 2003

Hi , can anyone shed some light please, I have an Audigy platinum sound card and i wish to use Msn audio for conversation through a microphone,but it seems that my Audigy platinum is not full duplex which is required to achieve this.
Can i install a second sound card which does have full duplex along side my existing sound card,and if so what if any software do i require to switch from one to the other,and also what are the problems i may come across.

  OneSirKnight 14:42 11 Jul 2003

Hi, I wish i could help you further, but like others on here i cannot answer your question positively, i have posted your question on another tech help site and if i get any further advise ,i will gladly pass it on to you,in the mean time have a look here you may find your answers here........click here

  Socalled 14:46 11 Jul 2003

Thank you, i was beginning to feel like a leper.
Your a real gent,

  Megatyte 14:48 11 Jul 2003

Installing two sound cards will result in a conflict. Why would you need two anyway? Just replace the one you have with a full duplex.


  Socalled 15:04 11 Jul 2003

Thank you for your response, but my audigy cost me over £90 when i bought it and for a full duplex sound card i could pay as little as £20.
and there are other utilities on Audigy that ordinary sound cards dont have ,also according to the link that OneSirKnight kindly gave me the only conflict reported is of 2 cards from the same manufacturer.Thanks again for taking the time out to reply.

  waydekirrane 15:54 10 Oct 2004

how can i find out if my sound card is half or full duplex?

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