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  Bingalau 07:28 27 May 2006

Can anyone please tell me how many disks I need for a full back up? I started about 15.00 hours yesterday and hoped I would be finished last night. I now find I am on DVD Disk number 37 and there is no information to tell me how long this process is going to continue. I keep getting warned that if I cancel, the back up will be aborted. Any information on what is still to come if I carry on? How many more disks am I going to need, or have I done something wrong? I thought when I started that I would probably need about half a dozen disks but this seems to be going on indefinitely. It just seems to be eating disks at the moment and I am on my last few. HELP !! ..Bingalau

  Gongoozler 07:33 27 May 2006

It depends how much you are backing up. If it's just the programs on your computer I wouldn't expect it to need more than 2 DVD's. If you have thousands of photos and music files it could be much more.

  strech 07:35 27 May 2006

37 dvds how big is your hard drive ???

  Bingalau 07:47 27 May 2006

Gongoozler ..It looks like I have a total of 5978 folders of which it seems to have completed 5973, but those figures are not changing as I keep sticking in DVD's on request. The total GB looks like 28.48 GB and Data size is stated as 28.11 GB It has also been stuck on 96% for hours now too. The total capacity of the hard drive (Strech) is 80 GB I think. ..Bingalau..

  rawprawn 07:50 27 May 2006

You sound to have a problem, but for you to compare I have an 80gb hard drive with 5o gb free. I use Acronis True Image and it takes 3 DVD's in about 1 hour

  strech 07:53 27 May 2006

when you that each disk can hold just short of
5gb then 37 dvd disks is far more than your
hard drive can hold it seems to me there some thing not right

  Bingalau 07:57 27 May 2006

rawprawn.. I was thinking along those lines myself, but never having done a full back up before I just have no idea what is going on. I am using Nero system to do it and following instructions as best I can. But I must admit half of what it tells me in the information panel goes over my head. But it tells me to insert another disk and if I "cancel" it will abort. Of course I have now run out of disks and it seems to be getting rather expensive too. ..Bingalau..

  strech 07:58 27 May 2006

double click on my computer then right click
on drive C: go to properties it will tell you
the size of your hard drive

  Bingalau 08:00 27 May 2006

Yes I guess you are probably right in assuming that too, which is why I am asking for help. Do you think I should just cancel the whole thing and then start again and maybe not try to do a full back up? ..Bingalau..

  Bingalau 08:04 27 May 2006

strech... Free space.. 105 GB Used space 39.3 GB is shown on the "C" drive ..Bingalau..

  strech 08:11 27 May 2006

so you have about a 160GB hard drive the same as
me and 37 dvd is far to much

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