fujuitsu scsi hd

  Liza 18:32 14 Jul 2003

Its a 68pin/50pin hard drive running on 2940 controller, as a second hd on my computer, no problem. However I wanted my scsi scanner to attach to this so bought and connected a 50 pin adaptor and ran a ribbon (having removed 68pin ribbon) to attach to the 50pin connector on the drive and whence another cable to my 25 pin scanner. Message appeared insert boot disk. There isnt one so reconnected 68pin (doesnt like scanner), otherwise computer wont start. The 68pin socket is on the back of both the drive and the controller. Can someone help me please. Thanks

  Liza 19:34 14 Jul 2003

Yes there is a 68pin port and there is a cable with 68pin on one end and 25pin on the other attached but this does not work the scanner. Your 'click here' gives additional info so I'll try that. Thanks

  Bodi 19:47 14 Jul 2003

I have a similar setup and run my scanner from a separate Adaptec controller. My main Adaptec controller is a 2940UW (15 devices) three channels. 68 Pin internal connector (Fujitsu 18GB hard drive)- 50 Pin internal connector (Plextor CDRW & CD-Rom drives) - the 68 Pin external connector is not in use.

To run your scanner from this controller, I think you will have to get an external SCSI lead with a 68 pin to 25 pin adapter. Not absolutely sure - but think I'm right.


  Bodi 19:52 14 Jul 2003

You do have a 68 pin to 25 pin external lead --- gosh I'm going barmy.

Have you set the Adaptec Bios correctly? I don't think you will be able to set the scanner any higher than 10.


  Liza 19:54 14 Jul 2003

Thanks Bodi. Yes there is a cable as you say but it dont work. Mine's ultra wide as well with a 9gig fujitsu hd

  Bodi 20:14 14 Jul 2003

Sorry Liza - so far my explanations have been as clear as a window with a black-out curtain up.

First what SCSI ID have you set your scanner? When using my scanner on the Adaptec 2940W card I had previously, I had my scanner set on ID 5, the CDRW set on ID3 and the CD-ROM drive as ID 4. I don't think you will be able to set the scanner on Ultra 2W - mine was set to 10 (not 20 or 40)and worked OK. The hard disk of course is set on ID 0.

Hope in my muddlesome way, I have been of some help.


  Liza 21:13 14 Jul 2003

How do I set the bios correctly, Bodi. The ID on the back of the scanner is 5 but this ID or any ID is not shown on disk utility. The only disk shown is the internal HD drive as 15. The FAQ at Adaptec I could find say "During the boot sequence enter the SCSI Select utility of the 2940UW (Press "Ctrl-A" when prompted) and select the option for "Configure/View Host Adapter." Enter on the option for "SCSI Device Configuration". Make the following settings changes: For the SCSI ID of the scanner set:1. Initiate Sync Negotiation "No" 2. Max Sync Transfer Rate, "the lowest setting available"3. Initiate wide negotiation "No" 4. Include In BIOS Scan "Disabled" 5. Disable DisconnectionWhen exiting the utility make sure to say "Yes" to "Save Changes"." How to do scanner not shown.

  Bodi 21:57 14 Jul 2003

to yes.

Then run the BIOS scan utility to make sure it is picking up your scanner.

Any help?


  Bodi 21:58 14 Jul 2003

That is for your ID 5 of course.


  Bodi 22:05 14 Jul 2003

I don't why you have to set your scanner to ID 1, it should work on ID 5, providing nothing else is set at ID 5.

However, you should be able to change the ID of the scanner from the back of the scanner itself and V. IMPORTANT, if the scanner is the only thing on your external connector, make sure the TERMINATOR is set "on". That is because your scanner will be at the end of the SCSI bus.

Hope this helps.


  Liza 16:14 15 Jul 2003

Thanks Bodi for your help but am afraid nothing works, perhaps like you I ought to buy a separate controller. I suppose this controller would have a 25 pin port. There are 2 25pin connectors on the back of my scanner, one's for the terminator, a plug for which I have. Hope controller is not too costly. I have no more pci slot can I buy an isa connector?

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