Fujitsu Siemens Amilo PA3553 won't boot :o(

  Cloggsy1 00:10 29 Sep 2010

Hi all,

I'm having issues with my Fujitsu Siemens Amilo PA3553 Vista 32 bit laptop. I turn it on, the disk drive spins, the hard drive spins and the fan runs but nothing else happens... No Fujitsu Siemens 'splash' screen, nothing. I can turn it off and on at the button for about half an hour, eventually (for no apparent reason,) it'll decide to boot properly.

I contacted Fujitsu Siemens Tchnical Support, who told me to remove the power supply, then remove the battery and press the power button in for 10 seconds to remove any risidual charge the computer may be holding, then reconnect it all up again. the issue still remains :o(

I've Googled the issue and it seems to point me in the direction of a knackered Bios Battery? Anyone know where the Bios Battery is on an Amilo Laptop? Does anyone have any other suggestions for what the issue could be?

Thanks in advance

Well it's almost certainly a hardware fault. If not the battery then it could be the same one as the one I'm currently experiencing with an HP laptop (the graphics processor overheating).

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How old is the laptop and where did you buy it from?

If you want to test the battery, I found this YouTube video that shows how to remove a motherboard battery on a Fujitsu Siemans Amilo which although not the same model as yours, I expect it will be similar.

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  pj2412 08:57 30 Sep 2010

Hi all :wave:

I've got exactly the same problem as the op. Laptop powers on, drive spins, fan starts blue leds light up on the front, but no power to the screen - no FS splash screen, nothing.

The laptop gives no opportunity to enter bios due to no power to the screen.

I also tried removing the CMOS battery and holding the power button but still nothing. I've also tried connecting via hdmi and vga to try and rule out the panel being faulty, but still nothing.

Anyone else got any updates on this problem?


  Cloggsy1 09:19 30 Sep 2010

I replied to Fujitsu Siemens e-mail, saying I was still having the same issue... They have advised me it could be a hardware issue/failure!? They included a premium rate number for me to contact and notified me there is a 'paid repair service available if required' as it is out of warrenty...

I have persisted with turning the machine on and off again until it eventually sprung into life. I'm in the process of removing all my data from my machine and I'm going to attempt a clean re-install (maybe upgrade to Win 7 from Vista?)

Personally I think its a driver issue, rather than a hardware issue (like Fujitsu Siemens told me?) The machine wouldn't start at all if the hardware was faulty would it?

I'll let you know how I get on ;o)

Drivers are not used for the computer to POST (where you see the FS splash screen), so they cannot be the source of your problem.

If the machine does occasionally boot then that just means that whatever the fault is, it's intermittent.

Could you tell us how old your machine is please and where it was purchased from?

  Cloggsy1 23:17 30 Sep 2010

[email protected],

I bought the computer in December 2008 from Tesco Direct...

  Cloggsy1 01:51 03 Oct 2010

I do believe I've fixed this issue...

I backed up all my data & using a 'Webroot Window Washer Boot CD,' I completely wiped my hard drive.

I installed Win 7 Home Premium (64 bit) & Bob is your preverbial Uncle... Shuts down fine, re-starts fine & starts from shutdown fine too...

Obviously there was a conflict or issue there that was preventing the Bios Splash screen from appearing - Now everything seems to be working fine *Touch Wood!

  pj2412 10:35 03 Oct 2010

Whoo, mine has just kicked into life and decided to boot as normal.

Any advice on what I should do now? full system restore? or just leave it and see how she goes?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:12 03 Oct 2010

Back everything up to an external source.

The symptoms point to a failing hard drive.

  pj2412 12:03 04 Oct 2010

Why would a failing hard drive stop the bios from booting?

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