Fujitsu Siemens Amilo D7820 Laptop Overheating

  pukka7773 23:07 09 May 2004

Can anyone help? I seem to be having problems with what I think is my laptop overheating and despite speaking to various people cannot get the problem sorted. I think that is is a simple problem of the bios needing updating. I have downloaded the latedt bios update from Fujitsu however cannot get it to work. The file is a WinImage self extracting file which I have saved to a floppy and tried to boot from as the readme file says however my sytem just says 'starting windows 98 and indicates the a:\' (I'm currently running xp so now i'm really confused!) I have rechecked the bios information and it has not upgraded it at all ~ where am i going wrong? On the bios notes it says that it has been updated 5 or 6 times since I bought my laptop just over 12 months ago and the last 2 upgrades have been for overheating problems, if only I could get this upgrade to work I might have a system that would stay on for longer than 10 minutes! If anyone could help or point me in the right direction (perhaps there is a problem with the bios I have been supplied?) I would appreciate it very much.

  VoG II 23:17 09 May 2004

Flashing the BIOS (wrongly) is a very good way to end up with an unbootable 'puter.

What makes you think that (a) flashing the BIOS will cure the overheating (it won't) and (b) why do you think it is overheating?

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  pukka7773 12:14 11 May 2004

I have had the system checked by two local dealers who have both given me different conclusions. shop one told me that it was the fan not working and that the system was switching itself off because it was overheating? shop two ran it through their diagnostics and tell me there is a fault with the ram. I have taken the keyboard out and can plainly see that the fan appears to be working fine. When the system is left like this (where the air can get in ok) the system stays on with no problems, however as soon as the keyboard is set back in the fan seems to do overtime and off goes the system feeling very hot indeed. I have also addressed the problem of the ram, the system currently runs two 256mb chips so I have run the system with one at a time and the system goes off using either of them leading me to think that either they are both dodgy (but why does the sytem run ok when the keyboard is out?) or there is nothing wrong with the ram at all. I have checked the bios updates from fujitsu siemens and the last two updates are for optimising the cpu cooling surveillance and for checking the correct thermal settings are added. The current bios does not allow me to check the cpu temperature settings.

  kingsolent 12:39 11 May 2004

Our same laptop (12 months old) was turning itself off after approx. 10mins.

Fujitsu customer services were very helpful and took the unit back under warranty. a faulty battery was replaced and puter returned within a week working fine. i'm wondering if the battery fault was caused by lack-of-exercise as we tend to always use the power lead.

these laptops do seem to exhaust a fair bit of hot air compared with other makes and can quite warm your toes on a cold day...

  pukka7773 12:50 11 May 2004

Like kingsolent my laptop is also used mainly off the power lead however when I asked fujitsu siemens if the system was still under warranty they informed me that the warranty was held with pc world (which was only 12 months warranty and in usual pc world manner the don't want to know!) When I purchases the system I'm sure that the system had a 3 year warranty - 1 year from pc world and the remainder provided by fujitsu siemems.

  computernerdiamnot 12:56 11 May 2004

Just a thought take of battery and run from power lead and see what happens?

  pukka7773 12:37 12 May 2004

Bios update sorted all my problems, thanks to everyone that helped

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