fujitsu laptop memory

  stevieb27 17:07 24 Jun 2007

hi there
i recently ran crucial memory check program on wifes fujitsu amilo fx40? laptop,results said i could increase memory to 1 gb.i put in 1 512 memory stick but machine still only showing 256 in properties rather than the 512 + 128 sticks that are i need to alter anything in the bios or do you have any other thought as to why memory not being picked up correctly.

lastly,ive tried to look up the model fx40 but unable to find any listings so it may not actually be an fx40

  Technotiger 17:49 24 Jun 2007

Hi, have you tried swapping the Memory sticks in the slots - or, try the 512 on its own. To get up to 1Gb you would probably need to fit a pair of 512's. Some machines don't like mixed memory, i.e. different sized sticks.

  Technotiger 17:50 24 Jun 2007

PS - you should not need to make any alterations to any settings.

  stevieb27 17:57 24 Jun 2007

i think i did try the 512 0n its own and swapping to the other slot but ill try it again in case i didnt

  stevieb27 17:59 24 Jun 2007

hi again
ive just remembered the 128 is pc100 but the 512 is pc133 i thouhgt memory was backward compatible. am i wrong to assume this will work?

  Technotiger 18:04 24 Jun 2007

All memory should be of the same type.

  skidzy 18:13 24 Jun 2007

Yes you are correct,the ram should run at the slower speed of pc 100,however not always does this prove fruitful.

You may need a bios update (not recommended,do so at your own risk).

Can you run Belarc click here
Everesthome click here
SIW click here

And post back the results of installed ram.

These are free utilities that are very effective.

  stevieb27 18:58 24 Jun 2007

thanks for all the input guys,ill get back to you once ive tried out the suggestions to let you know how i got on

  stevieb27 17:19 28 Jul 2007

hi guys thanks for the suggestions,have ran suggested programs and found that laptop can only take 256 mb of memory so i guess ill just have to buy my wife a newer model which can take the extra ram.

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