Fuji Camera Cable

  Rabi 23:12 14 Mar 2005


lost my Fuji Digital camera USB cable for downloading my pictures on my travels ...

The FUJI cameras use a peculiar size, very small, cable. Does anyone know where (on line & brick and mortar shops) I can get a replacement?

I tried, but got totally confused at the plethpra of cables available. Complete novice, do not what the FUJI cable is called so cannot identify it, and the cables available on line are mainly listed by type, and not specific camera make ...


  bvw in bristol 00:07 15 Mar 2005

You could get an XD card reader for a few pounds.

click here

  Jak_1 00:26 15 Mar 2005

That would be the best solution rather than trying to get a cable, most card readers will be able to read all the popular camera memory cards and costs very little.

I have a 7 in 1 card reader as a second floppy drive on my Advent pc and it is so much easier than conecting cables. Just take the card out of the camera and insert in the reader and bingo, istantly recognised.

  Rabi 00:57 15 Mar 2005

Thanks, didnt think of this as a solution, will get a card reader while I am travelling, as that is availabble.
I would like to get a cable as a back-up when I return to the UK, anyway ...

  User-312386 01:23 15 Mar 2005

Fuji produce different cables

could we have the model of Fuji camera please

  User-312386 01:24 15 Mar 2005

is this the one click here

  User-312386 01:28 15 Mar 2005

click here for a good site

Just click the camera model and you can order the cable

  Rabi 01:40 15 Mar 2005

Thank you, Madboy33, much obliged. That's the cable!

Will get that, as well as the card-reader suggested by bvw and Jak_1.

Issue resolved!

  User-312386 01:52 15 Mar 2005

Glad to be of help

I like you hate card readers.

There is a reason, this being that if you keep taking the card in and out, one day it will break.

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