ftp? want to transfer files easily over internet

  Superstylin 12:01 05 Apr 2005

hi, i've posted this in the helproom but have been advised this place might be better.

i have files that i want to transfer easily over the internet. i've, until now, used msn messenger to send them to friends but i'm having trouble of late with lost connections and it's getting on my nerves!

i've heard of ftp but am not entirely sure what it is or requires me to do, can anyone help/suggest anything?

i have webspace with my isp, i understand this is used in someway with ftp??

  TomJerry 12:53 05 Apr 2005

cut it into small size files (under 5MB) use chainsaw click here

send by email attachment use hotmail or yahoo

  Superstylin 14:32 05 Apr 2005

thanks for the suggestion tho :)

  winstonwolf 15:57 05 Apr 2005

You need to set up a server click here is a good one.

  Forum Editor 19:31 05 Apr 2005

what on earth it is that you want to transfer if it's that big - why don't you just write the file to a CD and send it to the recipient that way?

  Superstylin 22:58 05 Apr 2005

but i don't have a dvd rewriter, i've asked on here about how i might get such a file onto cd but to no avail

  Michendi 23:21 05 Apr 2005

If you do this on a regular basis buy a DVD writer - they are not expensive. And blank DVD's, sold in 25's are very cheap. Each DVD holds 120 minutes of video.

If you are going to move big files like this over the Internet then it is not just a question of understanding FTP. Firstly both you and your receipients must have Broadband. Secondly, most ISP's have an upper limit on the amount of traffic that they allow within a given period - e.g. a month.

  Charence 23:31 05 Apr 2005

Have you got Windows XP Pro? If so, you can set up your own computer to be an FTP server for your friend to download from.

click here

  Superstylin 23:40 05 Apr 2005

i actually came to the same conclusion earlier today and bought myself a dvd writer, i'll resolve the post at this i think. thanks everyone

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