ftp? want to easily transfer files via internet.

  Superstylin 11:50 05 Apr 2005

hi, i have files that i want to transfer easily over the internet. i've, until now, used msn messenger to send them to friends but i'm having trouble of late with lost connections and it's getting on my nerves!

i've heard of ftp but am not entirely sure what it is or requires me to do, can anyone help/suggest anything?

i have webspace with my isp, i understand this is used in someway with ftp??

  Totally-braindead 11:57 05 Apr 2005

I can't help I'm afraid but I'm wondering if you've posted in the right Forum anyway, apologies if you did mean to post in the helproom but thought network forum would have been more able to help. Good luck anyway.

  Superstylin 12:00 05 Apr 2005

i did mean to post in the helproom, but only because i didn't know which other to choose! :) ermmm maybe i'll post it there too :s

  octal 12:12 05 Apr 2005

If its any help, I have a web site which I use as a normal web site, but also for uploading files for people to collect at their leisure. When I've unloaded the file I just send them the link to the file. This also gets around the problem of some email servers deleting the attachment before the person receives it.

  Superstylin 12:19 05 Apr 2005

but i have no website as of yet....is it possible to just register the isp webspace and use it only for file transfer? if so how do u do it??

  pauldonovan 12:20 05 Apr 2005

..I don't like MSN really for sending files so glad you are looking to other alternatives.

A few choices:

i) FTP to your webspace, then your friends can access from it - check with your ISP for instructions. This can be a bit fiddly.

ii) Run your own FTP Server - this can get fiddly with firewalls etc.

iii) Use one of the free file sharing services out there:

click here

depending on how big the files are. E.g. yahoo briefcase is free up to 25MB I believe.



  octal 12:20 05 Apr 2005

Who is your ISP?

  pauldonovan 12:21 05 Apr 2005

..then you get an ftp client and find out the login details from your ISP. You then uplod the files to your website and your ISP will give you an address like:

click here

and if you upload a file called jim.exe to that it will simply be accessible (to your friends and the whole world) via:

click here

I prefer the shared space option (iii) above.

  Superstylin 12:29 05 Apr 2005

the free file sharing would have been perfect but the files i want to share are in excess of the limits....the file i want to share at the mo is 359mb

my isp is wanadoo @ octal

i'll try the website option, no doubt i'll get stuck tho so i'll be back!

  octal 12:32 05 Apr 2005

There you are click here you don't even need to use an FTP client!

  octal 12:34 05 Apr 2005

That file size looks a bit big though, you may have problems.

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