FTP upload problem using upload program

  Newuser3489 12:02 13 May 2004

Although I can access my site via my Browsers - Opera 7.23 and IE 6 - I can't update it via my FTP program - FTP Explorer. I have two other websites, including one I run for a charity, on different servers. I have no problems uploading to these other sites, only this third one.
I've had this problem in the past, but it has gone away after a day or two - this one has lasted several weeks. Each time I try I get the message:

Connecting to: xxxwebsite
Connection Established
220 Welcome to FTP my site (j1)
Connected to: xxxwebsite
USER zzzzzzzzzzzz|xxxwebsite
331 Password required for zzzzzzzzzzzz|xxxwebsite.
'error logging on to xxxwebsite'.

I've not changed any of the site's settings, including cases and gaps between words which this site is very sensitive about; all worked well for many months, but not now. However, I can easily upload files using the FTP facility on the Server's (Wandoo) web site, using exactly the same dial up connection, password, etc. Odd.

I have tried different FTP programs, one of which says 'password not known'. Wanadoo suggested disabling my firewall - Zone Alarm, and my anti virus program - AVG. I update these very regularly and I have no detectable viruses. I also run Spybot S&D regularly. None of the suggestions worked.

Any suggestions about what's going on and what to do?
James Briggs

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