FTP at Talktalk?

  toofy 16:26 01 Aug 2006

6 weeks late Talktalk enabled my change from Onetel.com to their Broadband yesterday. I have/had a web with Onetel where the ftp was ://click here
Talktalk technical support now tell me that Talktalk does not have an FTP.
Am I not making myself understood with talktalk or is this a fact?
I did e-mail them back in April when I signed up to ask about the transfer of the website but got no answer.
Questions: Do you know if Talktalk have an FTP?
If they do not, can I get out of my contract because
Talktalks broadband does not do what I wanted it to?

  ade.h 17:22 01 Aug 2006

If your Talk Talk service includes webspace, then it must have an FTP address. Try click here

  ade.h 17:22 01 Aug 2006

ftp. yourdomain. suffix

  toofy 19:17 01 Aug 2006

Thanks ade.h For the suffix should I try:
talktalk.net or

Thanks again.

  toofy 13:07 02 Aug 2006

Thanks for your trouble. To Update: spoke to Talktalks Tech help, explaining I had a website with Onetel (now owned by Talktalk) & wished to re-locate it to Talktalk. A gent with a S.African sounding accent said by using the webspace offered in the broadband deal I could not keep the same URL(?). However he agreed I should not have to continue to pay Talktalks fees & Onetels in order to keep our web. He took the name of our web & said he will arrange for the web to be transferred to talktalk without us doing anything further. I will advise the outcome in due course. The guy was refreshingly helpful.

  !lucy! 18:02 05 Aug 2006

Also got a query regarding webspace at talktalk, that being, how/where exactly is it!?
Sorry if this is being really thick, but I've signed up through the "manage broadband features" section, but there is no indication of what the url would be, or where/how to upload anything to it!
Any advice gratefully received... and I have contacted technical support, via the website, as I can't find a contact phone number there anywhere.

  toofy 18:27 05 Aug 2006

Lucy-the number I use for tech support is 0871 226 7146. Good luck, my web transfer has still to be resolved.

  migas 22:42 15 Aug 2006

toofy check this website:click here
PDF page with step by step explanation of what to do...

  toofy 07:03 16 Aug 2006

Hi Migas! & Thanks for taking the time to reply.
My problem is that our web has its own name without including the FTPs name eg click here
At present it is with Onetel (part of cpw) & I want to move it over to Talktalk (Part of cpw)keeping the same name click here When I signed up 4 talktalk broadband I did not expect to have to continue paying £13.99 per month for my internet connection with Onetel once they eventually gave me Talktalk broadband. Despite regular calls (costing me more money) to Talktalk the matter is still outstanding @ 16.8.06

  toofy 08:29 18 Aug 2006

Thanks. At the time an acquaintance did the site for us, I think I spotted that 1&1 were the cheapest place to register the domain name, so I did it myself. Unfortunately, whilst my brain will, given time-a lot of time- grasp what is needed to be done on basic computer matters, I get confused and am unable to retain any related knowledge which is not used daily.
Are you now advising me to contact 1&1 to get things changed in their records to Talktalk? If& when this takes effect will it shut down the Onetel site at once?
Your help is much appreciated. I hope you like a challenge!

  toofy 18:31 18 Aug 2006

I will try! Will read up about uploading over the weekend. When I replace "click here" do I type "click here" or "...talk.net.uk"?
Thanks again.

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