FTP Server problems

  crazyhorse678 11:47 13 Jan 2007

up until recently i have sucessfully run a FTP server program (Bulletproof FTP Server v2.15) using using the no-ip duc to route traffic to my pc.

recently i changed to an ethernet connection using orange livebox Inventel DV4210wu (from a USB dsl modem connection - Alcatel speedtouch)and now have problems. the no-ip duc is working fine stating my IP as, but Bulletproof says my IP is, whereas before it always came up with the same IP as the no-ip duc. i can force the duc to update to the IP, but this doesn't help. In the 'status' info on the Lan network (which is how the broadband now connects - no dialling up) the DHCP IP is, wheras if i check on a website my IP it is still what is going on, and how can i get the whole lot running together to route through to my FTP Server? by the way, i have also tried using ServU, with the same results.

i am running win XP pro sp2, zone alarmAV (which appears to be configured correctly, i.e. super trusted access for the server prog)windpws firewall etc is turned off.

any help greatly appreciated.

  crazyhorse678 14:11 13 Jan 2007

thanks a million for your info, all is okay now :))))

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