FTP Script question

  Tj_El 18:31 12 Aug 2004

Hi people,

I want to write a simple FTP script to allow the copying of a file from one remote (UNIX) location to another remote location on a different server while placing another copy (for backup) on the local PC.

Now, I'm no expert at all when it comes to writing such stuff so my efforts below are the result of what I have been able to digest from web searches...

Any useful input much appreciated.




open FTP1 'opens connection to 1st FTP location

user 'login

pass 'login

cwd /ABC/defghi/jklmo 'switch to requd remote dir

retr file.txt 'retrieve file on remote dir

lcd C:\ 'switch to requd local PC dir

put file.txt 'copy file file to local PC dir

open FTP2 'opens 2nd FTP location

user2 'login

pass2 'login

put file.txt 'copy file to this remote site

close 'exit FTP

bye 'exit cmd line

(PS. Hope this appears on screen the way I need it to...)

  Tj_El 19:13 16 Aug 2004

..nearly there.
Will "close" this thread now and look elsewhere.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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