ftp file name advice

  Smokeyone 11:58 28 Sep 2007

My very first upload is just a test page but I am still doing something wrong - it will not upload.
I am using Ipswitch ftp, typed in win notepad and saved as html. Called the file index.html
and it is in the left pane of ipswitch, highlighted it and pressed the arrow pointing to the right and now it is in the right pane.
Checked my web address and nothing. Should index.html be in a file !
I am stuck here and would be grateful for any advice.

  cycoze 13:17 28 Sep 2007

Different hosts have different set ups, the sites root folder should house the index page.

So are you getting into the sites root folder or is that folder held in another folder, for instances some hosts may have folders for HTTP and HTTPS, the HTTP one would contain the sites folder, the one with the s is for secure sites.

Some ISP`s hosting are set up for HTM extension rather than HTML, i know Tiscali who are my ISP set my free hosting up as index.htm, so might be worth while copying and renaming your page to index.htm and uploading that as well as the original.

Also try hitting the CTRL+F5 keys on your web page to refresh it.

  Smokeyone 14:26 28 Sep 2007

I have since found out it should be index.html and that it should go in a www folder but I am still stuck.
As for going to my site all I get is the hosts page with my domain name mentioned. If it assists I do not mind changing to another ftp programme.

  cycoze 15:03 28 Sep 2007

The ftp program you use should not matter, as long as you have the correct details for the site.

  cycoze 15:04 28 Sep 2007

Can you give us a link?

  Forum Editor 00:39 29 Sep 2007

will be the default index file placed there by your webhost, and you must overwrite this with your own file.

fourm member has explained the setup - your index file must replace the existing one, and should have the same suffix - if the existing file is called index.html the yours should be the same. The best way forward is to use your FTP program to delete any index files that you see, and then to put your own index.html file in the www folder. If the folder doesn't exist you can create it.

  Smokeyone 06:27 01 Oct 2007

Thanks for all the help.

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