FTP up/download speed restrictions?

  Xevious 15:20 07 Apr 2004

can anyone tell me why, if i setup an FTP server on my PC to share files with a friend, they can only d/l the files at about 15kb/s?

surely we should be able to achieve greater speeds on this 512kb BB connection? even if it has a 256 up restriction...?

friend is also on 512kb BB...

any clues?

  TomJerry 15:27 07 Apr 2004

kb or kB? kB: kilo Byte; kb kilo bites. If it is kB the it is 150kbs not far from BB's 256 uplink speed limit.

You friend use BB as well. Another way to transfer big files is to use MS Messager.

  Xevious 15:33 07 Apr 2004

thanks, but no thanks. not a big fan of MSN Messenger...

hmmm, "not far from the BB 256 uplink". so if i get about 15k/sec upload and my d/l restriction is 512 so by your theory i should only be able to d/l at about 30k/s (ish)???

but i can d/l at around 60 - 70k/s from good sites (obviously faster ones)

or have i got this all wrong? been a long day! (already)

  TomJerry 15:48 07 Apr 2004

1K = 1.024k; 1B=8b

512kbs=62.5KB/s; 256kbs=31.25KB/s

  Xevious 15:51 07 Apr 2004


so the download speeds are consistent to what i get, why not the upload?

i only get half of the calculated 31.25KB/s

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