ftp connection issue.

  Simsy 20:44 16 Oct 2005

Hi folks...

I wonder if anyone can help here... I hope this is the correct forum!

I've had Tesco as my Internet provider for a while, on dial up. I've recently got Broadband, with another supplier, Plusnet, and changed my Tesco package from an "Anytime", to a "Pay as You Go" deal, to use as a backup.

With this PAYG I still keep my webspace, email etc.

I can ftp to this, using either of my ftp clients, (ftpCommander, ACEftp), only if I am connected to the internet via the Tesco dialup. While on Tesco dialup I can access my Plusnet webspace.

Using my Plusnet B'band connection I can't seem to get to my Tesco webspace, but I can get to my Plusnet webspace.

I have rung the Tesco technical help, (at 50p per min!!) and spent some time explaining my problem, only to be told that they don't support the website component!!! (To be honest I may just dump Tescos altogether if I find the Plusnet backup dialup number to be satisfactory)

Anyway, though that may be an issue for the consumerwatch forum, the reason I am posting here is to ask whether;

I may need to have some different settings in my ftp client because the connection is not via the supplier? ( I suspect not)

This is likely to be an issue with my Broadband supplier?

It is something that is configured deliberately by the Tesco folk and I'll have to live with it?

I appreciate that I should perhaps spend some time with the technical folk of both suppliers to get to the bottom of this, but I'd really welcome any comments or observations, from you knowledgeable Website folk.

I've already had an issue with my Plusnet providing strange downloads, not yet resolved... but that's another story.

As usual, thanks in anticipation,



  Simsy 20:47 16 Oct 2005

the other issue I mentioned is click here

(But it's not connected with this thread!)



  Forum Editor 22:44 16 Oct 2005

are limiting access to webspace so that only people who are online via their dial-up modems can ftp into their servers.
To be quite honest I wouldn't worry too much. Almost everyone who gets a broadband service for the first time is loathe to sacrifice their dial-up connection or their old faithful analogue modem, 'just in case'. After a while you realise that broadband is so reliable you will never need to dial-up again, and you'll ditch the modem. I can't remember when I last dialed into an ISP, it was so long ago.

The other thing to remember is that you shouldn't leave your old modem connected to the phone line - if you somehow manage to get a rogue dialer on your computer you could be in for a massive phone bill.

  Simsy 08:57 17 Oct 2005

I have finally found what appears to be the "problem", and it is as you suggest..

Quote from the help;

"I am receiving error 530, Why?

You may receive the error 530 if you are currently not connected to Tesco internet access and are attempting to use our FTP server.

Resolution: Dial up and connect to Tesco internet access, and attempt to connect to the FTP server again."

I am not receiving error 530, but I presume that refers to an error if trying to connect using a web browser; I was using ftp client.

Good point about the modem. It hadn't occurred to me!!

(I will leave it connected however as I often use my computer as a dialing instrument, with phone numbers in an Excel database.)

Many thanks.



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