??fsnet.co.uk conflict -- "update"

  end 22:41 29 Sep 2004

this is the original "argument" click here

I have just met with the Priest concerned, who tells me she is working on a lap-top ( type as yet unknown)

she has been unable to deal with the issue due to holidays and other commitments; however, she and someone else think the thing is grossly "unwell" and she is taking it to a computer "consultant" for them to give it the "once-over" to see if it is too unwell to be of any use . she thinks it may have Worm or similar on it.

what did happen when she managed to connect to the net was a mistake in clicking on an old e mail address( now defunct) and she has inadvertantly downloaded over , I think she said, 2000 e mails; neadless to say her "inbox" is rather full, and she has to go through each one of the messages to ensure they are not "important" before she can delete them.

what we have decided is that once she gets the thing checked over and if found to be "viable", I have sugggested that I go to her and visually work the thing, and, if necessary, post diret to the forum from the lap-top, assuming that my limited expertise cannot sort it out. she also point out that her dial- up is s l o w , frustratingly so, which may also be a thing i can sort out, and downloading material is, well....

am hoping to see the thing within the next few weeks, assuming there is a lap-top that is working .
at this point in time I and others still cannot e mail her, as she pointed out to another parishioner by phone today.

I hope the forum will "keep with me" on this in case I get stuck with issues i am unable to resolve for her::))

  SANTOS7 22:52 29 Sep 2004

one of the probs with fsnet is you have to enter your name as part of your email address if i'm not mistaken which basicly is like a lamp to moths, regarding pulling almost every spammer on the planet. a friend of mine has the same prob.
Save changing your isp a good mail washer would be a start.
Once your up and running there are ways to speed up dial-up, hope this helps,good luck

  end 22:58 29 Sep 2004

thanks. that does help:)

will be watching this , for ideas and inspiration:)

I have already suggested to her that she gets another email address, but will just have to wait for her visit to the computer people to get some more feedback,
keep the ideas coming peoples please::))

  VoG II 23:30 29 Sep 2004

Scan it with Ad-aware click here Spybot click hereclick here and eScan click here

  SANTOS7 23:34 29 Sep 2004

Evening VoG, you on the night shift?

  VoG II 23:37 29 Sep 2004

Evening (just!).

Just popped in for a look.

  end 00:06 30 Sep 2004

for the above:)

when I ever get hold of this thing, I will hit it with every tool at my disposal, and, after that list, vog, wonder if there will be anything left on the thing; trouble is, I have to prepare myself for a l on g session with slow downloads.??? tool for speeding up dial up??

and Morning team::))

now to bed, wherever THAT went to:)

  Giggle n' Bits 00:13 30 Sep 2004

or connection wire.
Ref the other post, in the setting for Modem in Device Manager, there is a option for "Wait for Dial Tone" there should be no tick in this box.

also, check the Area Dial code is for the area she is in.

And also if the Modem is V90 & not V92 it maybe worth updating for the sake of £35 if its a PCMCIA Card ?

  end 00:26 30 Sep 2004

not sure yet what it is, but, from my very limited knowledg of Worms, from postings on this forum, it may well be infected; will keep channels open, and please keep ideas comimg, for when I print this lot off and go and attack the little beastie:(

and she has yet to slowly plough her way through the 3000 or so e mails she unintentionally downloaded; and a thought, I wonder what anti virus she has on it ( assuming she HAS one on it);

and, as a posting in Consumer watch says, I am certainly not doing it for monetary pleasure but for concern for her ( and no "financial reward" has been suggested or even hinted at, ; i am offering her what limited knowledge I have, knowing that i can always seek help from the forum when things get beyond my abilities):)

  end 21:33 06 Oct 2004

have spoken with her. to remind ourselves, she is on Windows Millenium;

she has yet to have it looked at by a computer specialist, although a family member has done so and recons it has a lot of unwanted and unused programs on it ;however, the other evening she set it to run disc defragment, overnight; by the morning it had only managed to complete 3%
??"normal" for millenium?

I have suggested to her that she needs to run Scan disc ( assuming that millenium has THAT on it?)

she also tells me that it takes AGES to power up and load up;
I am hoping to meet with her in the next few weeks, and , assuming the machine is at home with her, have suggestd I take a look at it, to see what I might be able to achieve "hands -on" with it ;
(needless to say she still cannot get into her e mails )

do I dare ask for comments from the floor.....

  VoG II 21:37 06 Oct 2004

Yes you were right to suggest scandisk which ME does have.

Then you should ask her to defrag using Diskeeper Lite click here

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