fsnet.co.uk "conflict" with 1571?

  end 22:23 11 Aug 2004

a friend of mine has an e mail address as stated. she is on dial -up and has recently adopted the 1571 "basic" free BT call minder service;seemingly at the same time as she adopted it, she found she could not access her e mail service. OS unknown at present ( have not got that far with "finding out things"). I have asked her if she has the option to turn off the call minder to "enable" the internet, but she informs me that, when she dials her version of the 1571 service she is not given that option;( she has the very basic service, (mine is call Minder premier plus, so a lot more options and chices!)) she says she can access the internet but NOT her e mail account. ??could the 1571 be "related" to the problem, or is it a rather large and very annoying" Red Herring"?

any suggestions, advice, guidance please....and I cannot even e mail her with any help as she cannot read them...

  VoG II 22:32 11 Aug 2004

The version of Windows, in this case, is probably irrelevant. (But always asking.)

Which ISP is she using and has she tried re-creating the account? Can she send e-mail? Has she also changed her ISP?

  end 22:43 11 Aug 2004

sorry for the lack of "useful" info at present, but had a quick chat with her earlier this ev as unable to e mail her;discovered AT that chat, and from an earlier phone call to her that she has the 1571 thing, but did not realise until this ev that it is a very basic service.she cannot get into the e mail service pe ce; she is told something like" server unavailable"( fortunately, I am expecting to meet with her early next week and will suggest she lets me look at the thing to see for myself so I can post more "correct " info;) and, if memory "serves" she has also recently changed her e mail adress as she had intense problems with the previous one...??what can I suggest she tries in the immediate future, and I will have to phone her as e mail is a no-go; I need some ideas for when I go to see her...please..

  VoG II 23:05 11 Aug 2004

The obvious things to try are her settings for POP3 (reading e-mail) and SMTP (sending e-mail). Check on the relevant website for the required settings. Is she using Outlook Express?

  end 23:17 11 Aug 2004

dont know yet; but all ideas gratefull received and will take them to her when I see her this week; I will have to phone her and ask her to let me see the thing..the other "joke" to this (!!) is that she just happens to be a priest, and cannot therefore get at ANY e mails that may have been sent; NOT very "helpful" for her job:(

ideas on what to look for and where to find them on her machine would be a good "basis "for me ; I admit to being working "blind" on this at present..but, to repeat, she cannot open or read anything I send, nor can she send anything....not a good idea for a priest really:(

  harps1h 23:24 11 Aug 2004

if your friend has the intermittent tone used by 1571 whenever he/she has a messsage, then the modem will not connect as it needs to detect a constant dial tone to do this.

it has nothing to do with drivers etc., just make sure she has no outstanding messages to listen to before they try to connect to the net

  end 23:32 11 Aug 2004

(yes, she is a female priest ( we do have them in the Anglican tradition)): i am starting to "twig" about your comments on the 1571 thing. I have also been looking at the wannaddoo (spelling) page for guidance on their system.what frustrates ME is that I cannot even e mail ideas to her:(

will have a go at this when I get to see her, but all suggestions for things to look for are gratefully received..... and may try phoning her with some ideas...and see if I manage to get a message from her..also, a thought, she has a fax machine same as I do, so could fax ideas to her.....I hope!

  Smegs 23:33 11 Aug 2004

For incoming mail, the POP3 should be set to "POP.FREESERVE.COM. For outgoing mail, it should be "SMTP.FREESERVE.COM".

  end 23:39 11 Aug 2004

are they in upper or lower case please:) I want to make sure of what I am "looking for" when I get to see her....

  end 23:56 11 Aug 2004

have printed out some stuff from the "help" pages, but I am hoping it may be as simple as needing to "adjust" the 1571 settings ( I hope:))

  Smegs 23:58 11 Aug 2004

Do it in lower case.

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