FSB speeds

  boon_intheuk 10:31 25 Aug 2004

Hi all, an easy question for someone I am sure!
I have an Asrock M810LMR mobo (yes I now, they are cheap and nasty!)I want to upgrade my CPU and the Asrock site says that an AMD athlon 2600+ fsb 266 Mhz is the largest the board will take (unless someone knows different?).
I would prefer to keep the cost down so a second user one would surfice, but there dont seem to be many of these about, there is however plenty with an fsb of 333 Mhz, will my board support this speed or alternatively if I got one would it run at 266 Mhz?
Thanks for any help I may receive!

  boon_intheuk 10:33 25 Aug 2004

One other thing, does anyone know of a good site/place to get either CPU cheaply?

  boon_intheuk 11:27 25 Aug 2004


  TomJerry 11:53 25 Aug 2004

If your motherboard only support 2600, you have to get an Thoroughbred CPU (266), not Barton CPU (333). Barton processor may run, but would be slower unless you can change multiplier which is difficult.

It will be very hard/difficult to get a Thoroughbred 2600+. Try Ebay for it.

You could consider a 2400+, the performance difference between 2400 and 2600 would be very small.

£46 click here

£48 click here

  igr 11:54 25 Aug 2004

Sorry you are stuck with the 266mhz cpu's. I had the same and upgraded to a 400mhz board, but I am still running the 266mhz processor at the moment until the price of a 400mhz cpu drops significantly.

The prices on ebay for 266mhz processors (used and new are cheap as chips!

  igr 11:59 25 Aug 2004

Just forgot to mention that the AMD 2400+ @ 266mhz runs at 2000mhz - the extra cost for a cpu above this produces almost nothing extra.

  Urotsukidoji 12:18 25 Aug 2004

try scan.co.uk for upgrade deals on thier today only page, had a couple of good offers incl mobo/cpu/ram for a little over £100

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