FSB question

  Parmy 14:32 19 Jul 2004

I have a 1.4Ghz Athlon Thunderbird cpu and I want to upgrade to an Athlon XP2800+ 333MHz cpu. My motherboard is an Asus A7v600. Does the FSB speed of the cpu have to be the same as the ram?

  SANTOS7 14:39 19 Jul 2004


Theoretically, running RAM and CPU at the same speed improves synchronization of data transfers, and offers optimum use of the data. There's less waiting time between the cpu issuing a command, and the ram being ready to receive/act on that command. Running ram faster than the cpu is a mixed bag. The nForce dual channel boards actually run more efficiently with cpu & ram at the same speed than using faster ram. Less time spent waiting for the clock cycles to match up. Non-nForce boards usually show faster processing time with faster ram. Evidently the faster transfer time overcomes the waiting liability.

Running ram slower than the cpu takes a double hit. You not only have the waiting time associated with clock cycles that are out of sync, you also have straightforward slower data handling speed.

Most motherboards today allow asynchronous clock speeds, where CPU and RAM clock can be set independently, so yes, you can run the slower ram if you want to. Check the motherboard's specs for what speeds it will take, but most likely you can run the slower ram at it's rated speed, and add faster stuff later, without underclocking your CPU

  Parmy 15:09 19 Jul 2004

Thanks for the quick reply.

  SANTOS7 15:12 19 Jul 2004

your welcome.

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