FSB of a mobo and labeling it?

  Mysticnas 10:16 10 Jan 2003
  Mysticnas 10:16 10 Jan 2003

ok here an email that i sent to Gigabyte about my mobo. The thing is the model number is GA-8IR533. OK now people should know by now not to trust model number for an indication of product spec. So i looked around the box for an indication and there it was FSB 533. Oh kool i thought!

Now i've checked it out on the website but it says FSB 400. So naturally i was confused. Had i gotten i mobo that was 400 or 533FSB???

So i sent this email to see what it was. Is there any way that i can do anything about it? like get them to replace it or summat?

this is their reply and my email is at the bottom.


The FSB of this motherboard is 400MHz but the board will support up to a 533FSB but will downclock to 400MHz and is also able to be overclocked to something around the figure of 500FBS.


Gigabyte Technical Support Team (U.K.)

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From: Naseem
Sent: 09 January 2003 15:08
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Subject: GA-8IR533 Motherboard


I have your GA-8IR533 motherboard. When i looked at your website it indicates that has a FSB of 400 although a label on my box for it says it has a FSB of 533.

The details written on the label are as follows

Model Name: GA-8IR533

Intel 845D/ICH2 ATX

P4 Socket 478 / FSB 533

6-Channel Audio

USB 1.1 / ATA 100

So what i'd like to know is what the true FSB is? Incase i decide to upgrade my processor at a later date.

If there is anyother information like registration number you need to identify my board i would be more than willing to supply it if you could tell where to find it.

I was thinking that maybe there was a typo on your site or you made a revision to the board but didn't update the website details.

Thank you


  DieSse 12:43 10 Jan 2003

What a ridiculous answer. One could read anything into it you like.

  DeePCuBe 12:58 10 Jan 2003

giving overclocking availability is it possible to look in the BIOS to find out the speed?

  Mysticnas 13:32 10 Jan 2003

so is it worth me saying something and being a pain in the B***side or just let it be?


  Mysticnas 17:13 10 Jan 2003

I sent them a reply to their reply saying...

"Sorry for pestering, but why does it have a label on the box saying FSB533? and also have 533 in the model name?"

and they responded with this...

"The board has been named according to Intel's advertising specification. Any further query's regarding this would need to be taken up by Intel.


Gigabyte Technical Support Team (U.K.)"

Is this true??? I find it hard to believe that this is the case? and beside what does it mean anyway?

I feel this is a fob off because they just couldn't be bothered to answer propperly...

Passsing the buck as they say?

Can anyone tell me if this is correct?

I wasn't too bothered at 1st but this latest reply has set me off.


  Rayuk 17:29 10 Jan 2003

I thought you could get Rambus 1066 memory or 800
is this not the case with this board just as the [Athlon] KT400 boards run either 333 or 400 Mhz memory.

  Mysticnas 17:37 10 Jan 2003

an explanation of what Front Side Bus (FSB) is:

The bus via which a processor communicates with its RAM and chipset; one half of the Dual Independent Bus, the other half being the backside bus. The L2 cache is usually on the FSB, unless it is on the same chip as the processor

Beside my system is not RD compatible, only DDR, and only PC2100 MAX, apprently. Well thats what it says on the website, but i'm not begining to question the reliability of the site & Gigabyte.

  Rayuk 18:18 10 Jan 2003

Sorry confusing my self.
other opinion is that it takes Pentium 4 533fsb as well as 400fsb

  Rayuk 18:26 10 Jan 2003

Page 5 of the manual states
auto detect and optimised setting for Pentium 4 FSB544 MHz processor
Does this not answer your question.

  Rayuk 18:27 10 Jan 2003

sorry yet again 533MHz.

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