FS9 disc 4 problems.

  [email protected] 15:22 25 Mar 2004

Has anyone on the forum had problems with Flight Simulator 2004 (FS9), not installing properly? Problem seems to be with the last disc; gets to about 98% then thats it.
Any advice welcome, thanks.

  Nipsen 2 15:58 25 Mar 2004

[email protected] It is'nt a copy is it ?

  [email protected] 16:47 25 Mar 2004

Hi Nipsen 2. I don't know. It was advertised as 2nd hand so I have to assume it's just that. I bought, or I am in the process of buying or returning! from click here. The reason I don't know is because I had it sent to my son in UK first for him to have a look at then send it on to me. He tried, no go, tried his mates PC, no go, returned it for exchange and its the replacement which is also giving much the same problems - won't install completely.

  [email protected] 16:55 25 Mar 2004

Just had an email from my lad. The "man" at chipsworld was very apologetic and will replace right away. But I still don't know if it was copies or originals but I suspect the latter. Should know something new by next week but will leave the thread open for a bit in case others have had the same problem.

  Nipsen 2 17:52 25 Mar 2004

Hi [email protected] I have the original (bought PC world) & tried to do a back up of disc 4 in case I damaged the original (you need it in your cd-rom to play the game) but I coudn't. Anyhow hope you get sorted out, it's a great flight sim BTW. Cheers Nipsen.

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