FS 2004 Problem

  Rhuddlan 12:56 24 Mar 2007

Hi all,

I have installed FS 2004 along with Traffic 2005 and every few minutes whilst I am flying or taxing etc, the game stops and drops to the taskbar and I'm left with my desktop in front of me, I can click on the application in the taskbar and go back onto it, but this should not be happening, can anyone help?

Thanks, Mat.

  anniesboy68 13:06 24 Mar 2007

Rhuddlan...Hi, first of all this site does not really deal with this sort of enquiry, and I would say it would be better to look for FS2004 [FS9] forum. As to your enquiry re the program stopping and going to the taskbar it looks as if a program is requiring attention. I get this when flying and someone connects me on skype for example.Or an e mail arrives. An idea put forward by some flyers is to close down all unesessary programs in the right hand taskbar. You can do this with "end it all".

  anniesboy68 13:07 24 Mar 2007

ps excuse the spelling mistake.

  Mike D 14:43 24 Mar 2007

If it's happening at regular intervals, it could well be down to a programme which is trying to contact the internet or maybe its your anit-virus program or something similar. As anniesboy68 suggests, why not have a looks at click here and go to the Fs2004 message area (forum) or the Hardware forum


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