Frozen boot and Partition Magic8

  skeletal 20:58 08 May 2003

Hi Guys

This is my worst nightmare, please help! In my attempts to make my USB drive work (another thread!), I have foolishly decided to try XP. But as I know I would have trouble, I thought I would do a dual boot system with Partion Magic 8.

I ran PM to “add an new operating system” and it did all sorts of partitioning etc and my machine now runs “boot magic”.

Boot magic starts and offers to start "Win9x or DOS" (nothing else because I didn’t get that far). When that screen goes I get “Preparing machine to load Win9x or MSDOS”. It then hangs and does nothing whatsoever.

I prepared an emergency boot disc. I can boot to this, but then get the message “Invalid media reading drive C”. It then hangs. (Note it reads the boot disc on "A", and I don't know why it looks at "C", but I guess that what it's supposed to do).

My hard drive has so much stuff on it, you would not believe, which is why I wanted several partitions as backups.

Except I cannot do anything!

I can’t find any mention of this! What can I do!!


  leo49 21:24 08 May 2003

Did you create the PM floppies when installing Partition Magic or the Boot Magic floppy?

  skeletal 21:42 08 May 2003

When installing PM. I also checked they worked before trying to partition and add the new OS. They did. Also, boot magic worked as well (but obviously only showed "9x etc").

I think PM has totally screwed the boot sector and I am well and truly stuffed (I don't even know how I can reformat the drive from this point).

I am hoping someone out there can sort me out!!!



  leo49 22:39 08 May 2003

Have you got a link to your other thread so we can see how you got yourself into this situation?

  woodchip 22:59 08 May 2003

Just start with a win98 boot disc, at DOS prompt A:\> type FDISK/MBR press enter, and it should restore your original way of booting

  skeletal 18:40 09 May 2003

Hi guys

Thanks for the suggestions. The non-working USB is actually irrelevant to what has happened and I did try using a Windows boot disc, but this didn't work either.

However, I kept going last night and discovered the error messages I was getting mean there isn't a C drive. This makes sense since BM can't see windows, and all the boot discs (including the windows ones) also can't see C.

DOS commands like fdisk etc don’t work!

BUT I had a utility with the drive (MaxBlast I think it's called) which lets you go to a "lower" level than DOS. This revealed the problem. BM had created a new partition for XP but the utility showed it as "unknown", still fair enough because it was not as yet formatted. BUT there was no drive letter, the only drive letter C was for the original Me system. I can only assume that when BM did the shuffling round, it "lost" the pointer to the start of the C drive.

So, no old C, and the "ghost" C still didn't exist properly.

I have had to reformat and start again, losing thousands of settings etc etc (only had partial backups...yes I know!!! When did you last back up your entire drive??!!!)

So I am now having all the problems trying to make XP work (as I knew I would...I can't even make IE work so am using another computer for this!). And the original USB problem is still there!!

Very unhappy Skeletal

PS not sure how to do a link INSIDE a web site; wonder if this will work!... click here

  woodchip 20:36 09 May 2003

That is your problem use Max Blaster to remove itself then use Partition Magic to sort your drive partitions

  skeletal 22:02 09 May 2003

Uhgg as they say!!

Do you think Max Blaster dogged Partion Magic?

I'd never have thought of that one!

I've half got XP working (but it won't connect to the internet at any price...I don't think the modem is XP compatible...but I can try another...the hours tick by!!!).

I'm not sure how to "uninstall" max blaster as it does not appear in windows, it just runs when I put its floppy in and I used it to reconfigure the hard drive into 5 partitions (but not multiboot).

I'm very scared to try PM/BM now for obvious reasons as I am about 8 hours work towards getting back to "normal" (but it could be loads more time trying with XP of course!!).

Have you played with MaxBlaster? i.e. how do I "remove it" and what happens to my existing partions when I do? and will PM/BM wreck everything again!!

Thanks for your help...I think I'm going to give it a rest for a bit now...getting too old for this stress!


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