frostwire free music downloads

  gibfish26 19:56 02 Dec 2007

hi,could someone please tell me is it okay to download music from this site for my own personel use.I-E is it legal.thanks gibfish26.

  Totally-braindead 20:00 02 Dec 2007

Haven't heard of this one but if the music is subject to copyright then no its not legal.

If its recent music and you don't pay then the person who wrote the song and recorded the song get nothing (obviously) and therefore it is illegal.

Is it similar to the likes of Limewire? If it is then it definatly isn't legal.

  roycethedoc 20:02 02 Dec 2007

its limewire in an other disguise

  skidzy 20:26 02 Dec 2007

Here we go again :-)

Limewire and Frostwire are not illegal,its how they are used that could make them illegal.

The software itself is perfectly legal if used for the right reasons.

Now im off my soap box Lol.

  Totally-braindead 20:32 02 Dec 2007

Here we go again!

skidzy I am well aware of that, it is illegal to download copyright material from any P2P site though.

I agree Limewire etc is legal. Its the use it can be put to that might be illegal. Perhaps I did not explain that clearly in my post but as he asked about downloading music it was reasonable I think to say that it is illegal.

  tullie 20:40 02 Dec 2007

In other words gibfish,yes you can use this programme,but its illegal to download from it.Treat all files as copywrite.

  skidzy 20:41 02 Dec 2007

sorry mate,wasnt having a pop.

About a year ago there was a real debate over Limewire and i was politely told to get off my soap box.

I was not preaching to anyone,just stating the facts and i was actually corrected by Wolfie over one issue.

My post " here we go again" was meant to be tongue in cheek,hope you are not offended,if so i do apologise.

Frostwire can be configured;

" When you're configuring the application, you can set content filters, to avoid downloading copyright protected material, adult content or Windows Media files. "

Reality is,do people really do this configuration ?
Not for me to say i guess !

Some minor reading about Frostwire click here

  Totally-braindead 20:54 02 Dec 2007

I know you weren't having a go, when I reread what I had said it became apparent to me that it wasn't clear what I meant.

Wonder how many people actually use the configuration option? One in a hundred? Less?

  LABMAN 21:24 02 Dec 2007

Lets face it, anyone who downloads and installs Limewire, Frostwire, Ares or any of the other P2P programmes is doing so for the sole and implicit reason of looking for and downloading music, films or software and so will never set any filters........

  skidzy 21:39 02 Dec 2007

As i thought last year,but so wrong.
As ive said,i was corrected on exactly this issue.

We all tend to assume at times,im not going into this again as this could become heated and not to mention its been done so many times before.

  Totally-braindead 22:00 02 Dec 2007

I was involved in one arguement last year about this and it got rather heated, we really don't want to start this up again.
There is a legitimate use for a P2P program.

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