Frontpage website question.

  24bitkid 19:50 31 Dec 2005

Being the good community spirited person I am, I volunteered to make a website for our residents association at click here

I have got the front page working, but how do I stop the text cells from shrinking or going a daft size when you minimize the screen or look at the site with a very small screen.

I thought you could lock the cells, but can't find a way to do it?

  TishTash 21:06 31 Dec 2005

Text cells? You mean the frames? You can use iframes and absolute position them and they wont move when the window is resized, but this is a natural characteristic with normal frames. Otherwise, I don't know what you mean by text cells...

  Taran 22:05 31 Dec 2005

Your page crashed Internet Explorer when I ran it - the navigation applet went haywire. It worked fine in Mozilla Firefox then was OK when I tried it a second time in Internet Explorer - probably a problem at my end rather than yours.

You can make a 1 pixel high transparent GIF and make it the minimum table width or height you want to maintain. It works to pad things out but is a bit clunky and not necessarily ideal.

Part of the problem is that you've gone for frames. Your framed layout devotes a certain amount of space for the navigation panel and this remains constant.

The main problem here though, is that you've shoved a relatively large image next to a block of text. It looked OK on the laptop I'm typing this on but I'm using one with a 15.4 inch widescreen and that can handle anything width wise. At 800x600 or 1024x768 things start to uravel though.

A quick and easy fix would be to keep a firm handle on where you put things on your page and how big they are.

Absolute positioning won't work if the elements you're placing are just too big for the screen resolution your site viewer is looking at the page on.

Try putting the satellite picture after the second paragraph of text on your home page but before the third paragraph. That will stop your text from going haywire while the page resizes around a large image on the right hand side.

Better yet, remove the image from the home page and put it on its own page - perhaps on an 'about us' or 'our location' type page.

Using large images is fine, as long as you consider how and where they will be displayed in relation to your page text.

Using the built in FrontPage tools to preview your page(s) at different resolutions should help you to decide what should go where.

Absolute positioning with the same page elements you currently have would simply produce a large horizontal scroll bar.

Good luck with it.


  Forum Editor 01:51 01 Jan 2006

and use the FrontPage layout tables instead. You'll probably find it easier to control the content, although you'll have to put your navigation buttons on every html page.

The old arguments about frames versus tables still rolls on, and of course there are pros and cons for both options. On balance I prefer tables, althougn it's perfectly possible to design a site without using either.

That homepage image doesn't look quite right. If you're going to resize an image ready for the web, be sure to select your image/graphic program's option to 'maintain aspect ratio', and whatever you do, don't resize the image inside the FrontPage design window. Use other software to manipulate images before you import them into your FrontPage web's image folder.

  24bitkid 22:42 03 Jan 2006

Thanks for the comments. I personally would not have the site like that, but the Committee are in charge, and they like the Google picture!

  Forum Editor 00:10 04 Jan 2006

that the camel is really a horse - designed by a committee.

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