FrontPage stopped accepting username/password

  Amalric I 17:05 29 Mar 2005

I customarily edit my websites en situ, ie on the remoteweb server. FrontPage will no longer accept my [absolutely correct] username/passwords. I have tried it with three different sites for which it previously worked. None work any more.

Should I try restoring/repairing the FP files in case they have been damaged by a stray cosmic ray?

I am using a Dell Laptop Inspiron 1100 with MS XP with SP 2 installed and Frontpage 2000.

I made no changes in the setup between FP working correctly and stopping to accept username/passwords.

  SANTOS7 17:13 29 Mar 2005

click here
this may help,good luck.....

  octal 17:40 29 Mar 2005

As a matter of interest, what happens when you click on cancel? I started getting requests for user name and password last year when I tried to administer my Intranet web site at work using FP. Our systems guy couldn't work it out, but I found just by clicking on cancel it would go away. This seemed to start after I had computer problems and IT had to reinstall FP.

  Amalric I 23:52 29 Mar 2005

When I click on cancel, FP stops nagging me for username/password and allows me to edit the site. However when I try to save it starts nagging for username/password again and will not accept what I give it even though I am sure these are correct.

If I try to close instead of save FP asks me if I want to save and if I say yes, it asks for username/password and rejects the correct data.

  octal 06:57 30 Mar 2005

This is from someone who uses FP:

"Passwords used by FrontPage are "stored" using Internet Explorer. In Internet Explorer, use Tools > Internet Options > Security Click on 'Trusted' and on 'Custom Level' Make sure the selection at the bottom is set to: 'Automatic logon with current username and password' and click OK Click on 'Sites' and add your site URL in the 'Add this Web Site to the Zone', and OK, OK - note: you may have to unselect the option: Require server verification (https)... to add your site."

If this still doesn't work and you need to access you web sites is to save the page locally on your HD and upload it using a seperate FTP client, this is 'work around' for the time being.

  Amalric I 09:54 08 Apr 2005

I have followed Octal's suggestions to no avail. Now Hotmail has begun to demand username/password and refuses correct entries. It behaves just like FrontPagen(see above).
Now I cannot edit my websites nor get or send email on PCs. I have spent many hours with the MS help system with no result.

I am looking into Linux for my PCs and have already started using the Mac for website editing and email.

Bye, bye, Bill and all your works. I started with MSDOS 4 in the 70s, but enough is enough.

  octal 10:28 08 Apr 2005

Sorry it didn't work, if you're thinking of Linux, I'm sure you'll love it. The only thing is it's a bit boring, nothing seems to go wrong with it.

  Amalric I 16:28 08 Apr 2005

I downloaded a trial copy of Dreamweaver to try to get access to my sites that way. I get the same window asking for username/password and which refuses to accept the correct values. So it is not a FrontPage problem [I also reinstalled FP to nil effect]. Has to be something to do with IE6 or XT, or maybe the host.

I also downloaded Dreamweaver to my Mac, where it puts up some kind of empty window immediately on execution, with only a cancel button, which does exactly that: terminates the program.

Does anybody know a simple HTML editor which can edit on the server and runs under Linux?

  octal 17:13 08 Apr 2005

I usually edit my website on my local hard drive then use an FTP client to upload it to my web site when I've finished, have you tried that route?

  Amalric I 09:56 09 Apr 2005

Whatever it is that blocks access to my remote websites also blocks access to the disk copy of the site. The error message is "You are mot authorized to access that folder". This happens with both Front Page and Dreamweaver on the PC. Neither runs on the Mac at all. If I can't access the files, I can't FTP them. Oh, I tried editing with Word. Same result.

Thanks for all your help. I am seriously considering abandoning my investment of time and money in Microsoft software. My main applications are mail and my websites. Both are paralyzed at a crucial time in my business, for over a month so far.

  badgermansix 08:58 05 Jan 2006

Amalric, did you ever get this problem sorted?

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