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  liveupstairs 22:33 20 Mar 2007

Many apologies in advance if this is a very daft question - please be gentle with me!!
I am designing a website using Frontpage 2000. I want to be able to do backups of the site I've designed so far and have used the Save As feature for each web page and specified where I want the pages saved - a folder in My Documents. However the pages aren't being saved to there and I have to access the pages via FP. Is this a peculiarity of FP or am I doing something very stupid here????

  Forum Editor 00:07 21 Mar 2007

is not to use the 'File, save as' system at all.

What you need to do is publish your site to your hard drive - usually to a folder called 'My websites' in 'My documents'. Have your site open in FrontPage and go to 'File' and select 'Publish site'. Now browse to the location where you want to save the site and publish it.

You now have what is called a local copy of the site, and from now on it will just be necessar to click the 'save' icon on the toolbar when you make changes. This will automatically save your changes locally.

When you're ready to upload your site to the server, select the 'publish' option as before, but this time elect the server location as the destination. You'll get a dialogue box where you have to enter the server address, and your username and password. This time, when you click the publish button the site files will all be sent to the server, and you'll have two copies - one on your hard drive and one on the server. Each time you open FrontPage it will load the copy of the site that's saved locally, and all changes will be saved there, ready to be published to the server. In this way you'll always have two identical copies of your site, and will overwrite the server copy with the local copy each time you publish.

  liveupstairs 19:50 21 Mar 2007

Thanks FE and Fourm member for your help. Done that and now have a copy I can backup and have a copy in WE "just in case"!!
Thought if I did File, Save As and chose My Documents, My Websites then that is where it would be!!
Many thanks again for taking the time to reply

  Forum Editor 23:32 21 Mar 2007

simply saves the page as a standalone html file - it takes no account of the fact that it's part of a functioning web site. FrontPage creates special files that are essential for a site to work, as fourm member says, and without them you're stuck. Publishing the site to a hard drive location ensures that you have a server-ready, fully-functioning FrontPage site, but it must be uploaded via FrontPage itself. If you try to transfer a FrontPage site to a server via a third-party FTP program you'll run the risk of disabling the server-side FP extensions, and they'll have to be reinstalled.

  Patr100 22:07 29 Mar 2007

One related question:

Is is possible to manually publish one page for example if a small change is made - not the entire "web" itself again. I'm not sure that FP does that -

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