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  herc182 11:08 26 Nov 2005

Frontpage 2003

1 - How do you zoom in on your page when drawing graphics for example?

2 - how do you format "link bar" properties (such as the size of the link bar and the font of the text?

there will be more questions to follow!!


  herc182 22:31 27 Nov 2005

anyone have any ideas!? i am still confused...

  herc182 23:15 27 Nov 2005

when i am designing my webpage, it looks fine in the "design" mode, in that it fills the page. but when i preview it in internet explorer there is a lot of empty space on the right of the page when maximised. how do i get my webpage to fill the window?


  Forum Editor 23:27 27 Nov 2005


1. On the View menu, click Page.

2. At the bottom of the document window, click Design.

3. On the View menu, click Page Size.
Select the page size you want from the available page sizes in the list, or select Modify Page Sizes to add a new size or change an existing one. When the page size value is changed, FrontPage will automatically resize the design and preview display areas.

Changing the page size only allows you to approximate the display size in a browser at a given screen resolution. The page sizes supported by default roughly correspond to the amount of space available when the average Web browser is maximized on one of the common Windows screen resolutions. The only way to truly verify that a page layout will be displayed correctly is to change the screen resolution to the target resolution and preview in the various browsers.

Is that what you meant?

  herc182 16:02 29 Nov 2005

hi FE. sorry for the late reply, i have been away from the internet!

that is useful information but what i was looking for with the zoom, is to get right in there to do graphics. like in word if you hold ctrl and scroll the inteli button you zoom right in (up to something like 400%). is that not possible on frontpage?


  herc182 16:08 29 Nov 2005

also how much bandwidth should i be looking at for hosting?

i am looking at click here

and am not sure what i need. i will not be putting hi res photos on the webpage. have no clue what bandwidth is required.

  Mr Mark Nolan 00:28 30 Nov 2005

im not a big time programmer or web designer im just in college but i made a website for a piece or course work and i had to sign up for a 50 MB usage allowance since i created my website about cars and modifying the cars it involved alot of pictures so it depends on:

hows many pictures you will use and how big they are?

is your site normal or is it a flash site?

is it a large, medium or small site,

sorry that im not the most technical person on earth but i am also still learning but im also willing to try and help others :) but im sure thats something like a moderater would ask you.

Mark Nolan

  Mr Mark Nolan 00:33 30 Nov 2005

sorry for posting so soon after my first but i just read your question properly and the max you would proberly need is 30GB bandwidth it depends what its for such as advertising, business or just general.

if its advertising and you will share you web site address with search engines i would use the 30 GB bandwidth becuase you will proberly get alot of people viewing your site.

Mark Nolan

  Taran 03:15 30 Nov 2005

Bandwidth is a stciky wicket since we don't know the image content of your site or whether you intend streaming video or audio or if you will be offering files for download.

If we assume you will have a ten page website with some properly optimised images then your disk space requirements are likely to be less than a couple of megs and your monthly bandwidth will be less than a couple of hundred megs unless you have masses of visitors to the site.

A client of mine owns a small hotel and their website used 300 megs of bandwidth last month which delivered content to just under 1,000 unique visitors during that time. There are quite a lot of images on the site (guided tour of rooms, restaurant etc) yet because I optimised the images properly the entire site comes in at just over three megs.

Another hotel I did the site for has 23 web pages, one CSS file, one PHP form handler script, 17 thumbnail images and 17 full size images. The entire site is three quarters of one meg.

In the last six months that clients site has used 1.65 GB of bandwidth, which includes thousands of emails.

Bandwidth is oversold by most hosts on a Magpie effect basis. If you make it shiny enough, people will want it or, in this case, if you make the numbers big enough...

Questions would have to be asked if you used more than 10 megs of disk space and a couple of hundred megs of bandwidth per month, but I appreciate hosts will offer far, far more just to get you to buy into their services. On the plus side it is better to have too much space and bandwidth available and not use it than go over you rlimit and have the account closed or billed for the extra usage.

I've just finished a new site for myself for one of my own hobbies that I used to do professionally. The image gallery is not complete yet, but a CSS file, PHP form handler script, 8 web pages and 7 small images comes in at 178kb - less than one fifth of one meg. Once the image gallery is in place the whole lot will be about 1.5 or maybe 2 megs.

Do the maths yourself - how many visitors could view every file of the entire site before you'd need one Gig of bandwidth if the site is under 2 megs ?

Food for thought ?

  Taran 03:19 30 Nov 2005

A fixed width of 760 pixels will look fine on an 800x600 screen or on anything bigger.

To get your page to fill the screen you can set its width to 100%.

There are pros and cons to both and this is not the place (or time at 3.15am) to go into a full discussion on both methods.

Drawbacks on 100% width content is if your viewer has a huge monitor your page can go haywire trying to stretch over it. Different problems rear up when you use fixed widths.

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