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  toofy 08:08 26 Aug 2006

Forum member has just magically 'moved' our web from Onetel to Talktalk. I now want to try to improve the web pages by uploading from Frontpage. I have tried inserting an http address where it asks for the publish destination but ofcourse Talktalk doesn't support Frontpage 100%. Can anyone help me to learn the publish destination to insert please to upload/publish to Talktalk, possibly beginning with ftp? In case it is relevant our domain name uses as a forwarding agent. Thanks in advance.

  Forum Editor 08:44 26 Aug 2006

Try entering the following:

FTP server address: w w (without the spaces between the w's)

username: [email protected]

Password: your password

Don't use http at all.

Bear in mind that if you upload a FrontPage web to a server via a third-party FTP site you'll lose the functionality of the special FP components if FP server extensions are running.

Some ISPs prevent access to their FTP servers via any other ISP connection - this is done to prevent warez dumps. That means that if you try to access one ISP's FTP server when connected to the internet via another ISP you will be denied access. Not all SPs do this, and I don't know if Talktalk do - my guess would be that they don't, but it's worth checking.

If you're stuck, email me with your login details, and I'll take a look at the server for you.

  Forum Editor 10:40 26 Aug 2006

but I have been unable to connect - the server is rejecting your login.

As a test, I tried to login to your talktalk account on their website, and the password you gave me is being rejected as 'invalid' - are you sure you're using the correct password?

If you go to the Talktalk hompepage you can ask them to email you the correct password, and it might be worth doing that - I'll wait to hear from your further.

  Forum Editor 11:38 26 Aug 2006

with details of your talktalk broadband login.

That has enabled me to login to your account, and I've discovered what the problem was - you were submitting the wrong password to the FTP server. The correct password was shown on your account details as a series of dots, and so I wasn't able to read it. What I could do is change your password, and so I did that.

I was then able to login to the FTP server without any problem at all, and could see your site files there.

I've sent you an email with full details of the correct login information. You can of course change the password I set to something of your own choosing, once you're sure you can login correctly.

  ade.h 21:11 26 Aug 2006

Maybe keep the FE's password for now in case you need his help again soon.

  toofy 08:48 27 Aug 2006

Thanks to everyone. Your help has enabled me to discover (no surprise) that what I learned about Frontpage publishing 18months ago has been deleted from my human computer. The Save button's defunct!
I wouldn't bet against ade.h's presumption being wrong!

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