Frontpage or Expression Web

  Dae 00:30 24 Sep 2006

I was about to learn how to use Frontpage 2003 for web page design. Then I became aware of Microsoft Expression Web on the horizon. I wondered if in the long term Expression Web was going to replace Frontpage.

Which left me wondering – should I be spending my time now on Frontpage or on Expression Web? Does anyone with more experience than I have feel able to offer any advice?


  ade.h 16:54 24 Sep 2006

I have found hand coding to be a revelation, so I might not invest in WYSIWYG in the future, but if I did, Expression would no doubt be investigated. To be honest, it has not loomed large on my radar yet, so my knowledge of MS's intentions is limited. FP'03 is very good, but it depends when Expression arrives and what it will offer. As far as I know, it will replace FP.

  LaserSailor 13:13 25 Sep 2006

Better to learn something now rather than sit on your hands and do nothing for an unknown length of time.

  ade.h 15:41 25 Sep 2006

Hmmmmm.... er.... okay.

  Dae 20:36 25 Sep 2006

Thank you for the welcome responses.

I have decided to ignore Frontpage and investigate the Expression Web Beta 1 which is available as a free download.

The reviews I have seen of Expression Web have in general been very, very favourable: there seems to be no reason why it will not replace Frontpage sooner or later, and be welcomed.


  Forum Editor 23:32 25 Sep 2006

and I think it will eventually replace FrontPage, although not for a while. In general, professional web designers all use WYSIWYG programs nowadays, and tweak their designs manually as necessary. Modern commercial web sites, particularly those that are largely data-driven can be highly complex, and nobody would dream of hand-coding to that extent - it would take far too long, and just wouldn't be commercially viable.

You'll enjoy using Expression, but I wouldn't ignore FrontPage entirely if I were you - it's incredibly powerful, and there's nothing to touch it for data-driven sites - not even Dreamweaver.

  Dae 11:39 26 Sep 2006

FE; points noted, thankyou.


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