Frontpage help (posted in helproom too)

  Fateful Shadow 16:39 01 Jul 2004

This is another problem from a friend, so sorry if the details are a little sketchy!

He is creating a website via Frontpage, and he has a problem with stylesheets (.css files methinks). He can create one and save it as a blank page, but if he tries to edit it, the program crashes.

This is happening again and again. He has restarted his computer and checked the Microsoft KB and it still won't work.

Any ideas? Thanks :)

  Fateful Shadow 21:09 01 Jul 2004


  Taran 21:34 01 Jul 2004

I'm not sure I understand what you mean when you say your friend can create a CSS file and save it as a blank page.

Do you mean he creates a blank document and saves it as a CSS file by using the File, Save As option and renaming the file with the .css extension ?

Which version of FrontPage is your friend using ?

Which version of Windows ?

When you say the program crashes, does it just close down or is there an error message ?

An error message could go some way to help diagnose the issue.

If your friend is running Windows 2000 or XP, try this:

1. Open up the Control Panel

2. Double click on Administrative Tools

3. Double click on Event Viewer

4. Left click once on Application in the left hand panel of the Event Viewer. This will display a list of all errors in the right hand panel. See if there are any errors flagged with a red circle containing a white cross with the word Error next to it. If there are, double click on the error to call up its details and copy and paste the results into this forum.

5. Do the same (left click once) on the System entry in the left hand panel.

If your friend does not have Windows 2000 or XP I've just wasted my time by typing the above...

Try to give some more detail if possible.

And in the meantime, if FrontPage is crashing when attempting to edit a CSS file, I suggest you tell your friend to download TopStyle Lite click here

TopStyle Lite is the little brother of TopStyle Pro, the best CSS editor there is (in my opinion) and an excellent XHTML and general code editor too.

So, your mission (should you choose to accept it) is to gather more intel and post it in here for us to look into the matter further.

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