Frontpage Form what does this message mean?

Comment: Feedback Form - Customize the form below to collect the information you need. By default, the form data is saved to a text file on the web server using the FrontPage Save Results component. Edit the Form Properties to change this behavior.

If I leave it as it is and upload using ahost supporting FP extensions will I get the form results or should I just use a mail to hyperlink and get rid of the form (although it looks good!) Complete newbie so treat me gently!

  Forum Editor 16:29 07 Oct 2007

will be saved to a .csv file on the server. The file will open in Microsoft Excel if you have it.

If you want form results to be emailed to you by the server you can have that facility, but you'll need to configure the form to work with a server-side mailto script.

The problem with putting an email hyperlink on a site is that it inevitably results in the address in question being swamped with spam.

Do I just access the server each day and open any files using Excel? (which I have?)if I leave it as it is.I've never uploaded a website before so is it simple to download the .csv files from the server?
It would be better left as a form as I am setting it up for a Parents Association so an e-mail address is probably best left out of it!
I was interested in your recommendation for Heart in another post and will follow up on that.

  Forum Editor 17:44 07 Oct 2007

if you look at the remote version of the site in FrontPage. Click on it to open it.

Don't try to download anything from the server with a third-party FTP program - you might break the FP extensions on the server, and they'll have to be reinstalled.

Ok, that sounds terrible I don't want to break anything!!
So, I see the file on the server, click on it , read it, and copy the e-mail address to reply.
I think I've got it!
Would heart be suitable for my needs?

  Forum Editor 19:09 07 Oct 2007

but so would many other hosts - I don't want to appear to be saying that nobody else is any good, because that's not the case at all.

When you click on the .csv file it should open in Microsoft Excel, if you have that installed on your machine. If you don't you'll be prompted to select a program in which to open the file. The file will contain the entries that were placed in each of the form-fields, and you can make it easier to understand by giving each field an appropriate name when you create the form.

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