Frontpage 2003 help!

  Revi 13:42 05 Jan 2005

Can this be done in Frontpage 2003? When a surfer types my url, first an opening page containg only plain text should appear and remain on the screen for 5 seconds. After that it should disappear entirely on its own and give place to the index page quite automatically. If this can be done in FP 2003 could I please get the exact steps to it?
This is for Taran:
I feel I still have a lot to learn before trying out my first website and currently I am all set to reduce my site from 8/9MB to max 1MB, based on the guide lines provided by you. So I think I’ll wait with availing your kind offer to examine my site if I zipped over the file to you. I hope you will keep this offer still open! Regards.

  megat193 13:59 05 Jan 2005

You are looking for a redirection from the home page to the next. If you create your text only page as the index/home/default, whichever you call it and enter this line in the 'head' section:
<meta HTTP-EQUIV="Refresh" CONTENT="5; URL=click here . yourwebsite . co. uk / nextpagename.htm">
then it should redirect after 5 seconds. Take the double spaces out in the above URL, they are only in to stop a non-existent link appearing in the thread. Remember you will have to rename your current index page to something else, maybe "main" or something like that.

Hope this helps, although I am sure Taran will have a better way...!

  Matt45 14:03 05 Jan 2005

Why not just use META Refresh redirection?

<META HTTP-EQUIV=Refresh CONTENT="5; URL=click here">

The code above will redirect to click here after 5 seconds. So create the page with the text on and save it as index.html so it loads when your site is first visited and then rename your existing index.html to index2.html or something so that you can redirect to it.

  Revi 14:04 05 Jan 2005

Million thanks for your prompt reply. I will try your method in the evening and let you know what happens (am quite a novice yet!).

  Matt45 14:04 05 Jan 2005

Looks like we were typing at the same time

  megat193 14:06 05 Jan 2005

Still couldn't fool the website link: for the click here bit substitute an http, a colon, two forward slashes and a www.

Sorry about that.

  Revi 14:06 05 Jan 2005

Many thanks! Will try out in the evening and return to the forum with the outcome.

  megat193 14:08 05 Jan 2005

Thanks, we were typing the same advice. I just took longer in trying to stop the click here!

  Revi 14:22 05 Jan 2005

I too made a mistake! Actually the first page that should come and disappear within 5 seconds is my index/home/default page comprising text alone and from here it should automatically proceed to the next page which I call as my main page. Sorry for being inadvertant.

  Revi 15:18 05 Jan 2005

Yes it works, many thanks guys!

  Taran 20:14 05 Jan 2005

A wordf of warning - search engines detest the META Refresh redirection action and any page that uses it runs a very real risk of being completely ignored by them.

Page redirection is a favourite trick of a certain element on the web, and it has been so badly abused in the past that most of the mainstream search engines deliberately refuse to even index the page at all.

You have been warned.

Finally, check your mail Revi. I am still willing to look at your site for you and the email will give you a reply address you can use.


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