Frontpage 2002 List Problem

  Wooden'ead 14:59 09 Nov 2006

I'm currently doing a website in Frontpage and not got to the stage of uploading it yet so it's all still hard disk based.
Up until recently, the collapsible lists that are on a couple of pages have worked great - through the Preview screen and in the browser preview.
Now I'm getting a runtime error coming up, asking if I want to debug and stating there's an invalid character in line 1. It doesn't matter if I say yes or no to debug, it always goes on to say that another runtime error has occurred in line 17 or 18 and that an object was expected - again whether I yes or no the error message repeats about line 17. Yes or no to that and I get to a non collapsing list.
Is the error pointing to the html content or the javascript?
The only thing that seems to be different since it worked and now is that I upgraded from IE6 to IE7 - so has that changed it?
Any ideas would be more than welcome please.

  acsmanhtml12 16:55 09 Nov 2006

Could be IE7's take on it. Also even though it's not online cold you include the code or put it online in some kind'a free space?

  Wooden'ead 22:13 09 Nov 2006

Thanks for the reply, acsmanhtml12,
I think that's the conclusion that I'm coming to - nothing else has changed that I can think of.
It's a bit odd though that a new Ms browser can't deal with code generated in an Ms app - no, I suppose that's not so odd really.
I have looked around and there do seem to be problems with publishing from Fp with IE7 and with databases.
I thought that as my site was still 'internal' on the disk, the Fp previewer would not be too affected by upgrading to 7.
It could be worth the try to put it online on a freebie as a test but I think might be as well to wait and see if it's a common fault (along with others)and work from there.
Anyone else having problems with Fp and IE7?

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