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  badgermansix 07:08 26 Oct 2005


Could someone please help me get my Forms to work for email etc.

My WebSite is up and running as a test site at the moment.

I have two forms installed that can be completed o.k. by visitors.

What I cannot do is get the Search button to search, and the email to email. would appreciate an idiots guide to do this :-)))


  badgermansix 07:45 26 Oct 2005


  Bagsey 08:10 26 Oct 2005

This may be a stupid question. But did you remember to add a hyperlink to the email icon to add your email address.??

  badgermansix 08:51 26 Oct 2005

Bagsey, As far as I am concerned there is no stupid question when I am asking for help :-))

Thanks, I have inserted a standard FP form, with a questionaire, at the bottom there is the Submit option, I have used the Form Properties to apply my address, do you mean that?

  badgermansix 16:05 26 Oct 2005


  Djohn 16:43 26 Oct 2005

I'm using Frontpage 2003, but I would think its the same.

For your email, click on insert/hyperlink and a new dialogue window will open. Type in your email address using just the actual name, the word "Mailto" will be inserted automatically for you.

In the window above, type what you want the hyperlink to show as. "email, or contact" for instance. This will give you the word that when clicked on will open the email application of your choice. Hope I've understood your question correctly and this is of help.

  badgermansix 17:54 26 Oct 2005

Djohn, Thank you for your suggestion, it seems 2000 is slightly different.
I have to right click within the form, and take the option Form Properties, there is then option "send to" with the email address option, which I have completed, I have read something server extensions being required, but I am not sure about that? thanks anyway.

  Bagsey 15:13 27 Oct 2005

Sorry for the delay in replying, busy trailing grandaughters horse about the country.I think that the easy way to get an email point is to use my soft option. See it on click here
I have a gif file for the email focus then hyerlink to it.I am using front page 2000. If you wish to copy the email icon feel free to do so. Then click on the icon, go to insert hyperlink and add your email address. Job done.

  badgermansix 21:51 29 Oct 2005

Bagsey, thanks for that very useful link :-)
it did exactly as you said, and I mailed myself from my web page.

What I am still troubled with, even now that I have upgraded to XP Pro, and bought FrontPage 2003, is that the submit button (email) will not pick up the completed form that it is on and mail it.
As I said, your link works fine, but just for the email, not the Form.

I know I am missing some points here, but I cannot think of anything else :-((

  Forum Editor 00:39 30 Oct 2005

so I'll move it there and answer your question.

  Forum Editor 00:43 30 Oct 2005

I'll ask the obvious question - is your site published to a server that has the FrontPage extensions installed and enabled? If the extensions aren't enabled your form will not work.

Perhaps you could clear that up, and we'll go from there.

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