Front USB and Audio connectors

  23790954 18:53 04 Jul 2006

As an elderly pensioner, I have taken up building computers as a hobby. Having built numerous ATX systems successfully in the past couple of years, I have not yet built a system which has both FRONT USB ports and AUDIO. I am now attempting to do this, as I am building a system for my 36 year old daughter.
I am using an ASUS mini case, and building the system with a Gigabyte GA-K8N51GMF-9 motherboard.
My query is: As the ASUS case is fitted with block connectors for both the front USB ports and front Audio, will these block connectors of the case be compatible,(wired correctly) with the Front USB and AUDIO pins of the motherboard, or not. There are separate wires as well as the block connectors if required. If I did wire them wrong, would it damage anything. Thanks for any help given.

  chub_tor 19:01 04 Jul 2006

From one elderly pc building pensioner to another I have yet to meet a modern case and board where the front USB and audio connector blocks are not compatible. In most cases it is only a question of making sure that they are put on the right way round - usually blank pin to blank pin. Not sure what you mean by the separate wires though... And yes, if you did wire them wrongly you could do damage.
Good luck

  ade.h 19:44 04 Jul 2006

"I have yet to meet a modern case and board where the front USB and audio connector blocks are not compatible."

I've seen a few, two of my own included. There are two primary patterns - Intel ref and Gigabyte - but there are other non-standard layouts as well.

In your case, 23790954, check your Gigabyte manual and you should find that it uses the Gigabyte ref layout; arrange the pins to match that. The manual should have a diagram, but there are others all over the web. The careful bit is to identify which function is assigned to which colour, as these are most definitely not standard between cases. My last three desktop cases have had three different colour/function coding methods.

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