front side bus question

  nobbyhigo 09:41 13 Nov 2004

i have a slot one support for a pentium 111 600mhz with a FSB 66 and 100mhz i have been offerd one but it is 133 mhz fsb will it be OK or not i have a 433mhz Celeron installed
in the socket 370 now what would be best for me
any information to educate me would be greatfully recieved

  nobbyhigo 13:39 13 Nov 2004

pentium 111 v celeron 533 mhz

  nobbyhigo 13:41 13 Nov 2004

sorry thats pentium111 600 v celeron 533 mhz

  dan 11 13:59 13 Nov 2004

Sorry, trying to understand your problem. Are you saying you have a socket 370 motherboard but with an adaptor to take slot 1 cpu's? I can vaguely remember such an adaptor but don't remember if it was for 370 to slot1.

Obviously a slot1 cartridge will not fit into a standard socket 370 board, unless this adaptor converts the board.

From the other side a slot 1 600Mhz processor will have a multiplier of 4.5. So IF the new pentium would fit in the board and boot, you would only be able to get it to run @ 450Mhz. This is because you say the max fsb is 100Mhz X the multiplier if the chip 4.5, so that gives you the 450Mhz.

Not much of a speed increase, but of course the pentium 111 chip is far better than a socket 370 celeron.

Probably a new cheap chip and board would give you a vast speed increase over the 370.

  dan 11 14:12 13 Nov 2004

Is it a slocket, yes slocket, or a processor upgrade board you have?

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