Front Panel & Sound Blaster 5.1 Digital

  ktheed1 18:28 27 Oct 2004


i got board of my old case so bought a new one and it has on the front 2 USB slots which i have got working finally and also a mic in and headphones out now the problem is i havent got onboard sound and have a sound blaster 5.1 digital and cant figure out how to connect the front panel to the sound card can someone help me please, thank you

p.s i was told that the white long connector on the soundcard is for the sound blaster front panel so im stuck really

  ktheed1 20:06 27 Oct 2004

thank you

  Liza 23:42 27 Oct 2004

Hello ktheed1, I have the same problem with my 5.1. According to the case manual there are 2 options (intel or other mobo) for fitting into the 8 pins header. If the mobo is intel then you fit one connector into the header but if it is other then you connect 7 individual connectors into the pins in the header. Mine is an AMD mobo but I took the easy way out and attached the single connector. I have to go back and do what the manual says. I'll let you know how I get on. In the meantime hopefully somebody might have a better solution. Liza

  hugh-265156 23:52 27 Oct 2004

mic in lead from your case connects to the purple coloured mic jack on your SBlive.

the headphones is going to be more tricky as this will use the line out (green) jack. your front left/right speakers also connect to this so mabye get a splitter then you can use both headphones and speakers click here plug into the green line out and attach the speakers to one end and your case headphone jacks to the other.

  hugh-265156 23:54 27 Oct 2004

ps. check 'start/all programs/creative/soundblaster live/online manual for more info.

  Liza 17:01 29 Oct 2004

Read the mobo manual and it says 'if you want to use front audio connector, you must remove 5-6, 9-10 jumper' presumably means block the pins on the header which are 10 in all. If that's the case then there will be only 4 pins to connect: mic, ground, ref and power. 5,6,9,10 are front and rear audio. If front audio is tobe removed then what is header used for. I'll have to phone them. On the other hand the case manual also provides individual connectors but they don't match the names. The manual says mic, grd, audio bias, fpoutR and fpoutL, retL, retR and then says mobo may not support rear speaker output. Am confused.

  hugh-265156 19:17 29 Oct 2004

maybe i am reading this incorrectly so apologies if im wrong but i thought ktheed1 just wanted to connect up the new computer cases front audio and mic jacks.

if that is the case ktheed1 (excuse pun) then normally the extension leads are supplied with a new case to do this and they are just fed through the case and out any hole in the back to the soundcard line out and mic jacks at the rear as above.

there is no 'long white connector' on the SBLive Digital ktheed1 click here but there is on the 24bit version click here and also on audigy cards click here this is only for connecting to the creative audigy front panel i believe click here and not a computer cases front audio output jacks.

Liza are you talking about a creative audigy front panel? i may be wrong here too but i dont think connecting an audigy panel to a SBLive digital is possible and if it is it does not require connecting to any headers or pins your motherboard, just the soundcard.

  ktheed1 18:44 31 Oct 2004

my version has got a long white connector on it the standard SB live 5.1 hasnt on my sound card its the one with the Digital Out, so you can connect creatives front panel, which is there own one but i just want to connect the cases standard mic in and sound out ones the case already has the cables with it i just cant figure where to connect them on the sound card as i have onboard sound but arnt using it im using my SB instead so if i connect them to the mother board i dont hear nothing as im not using the onboard sound and i look at the SB card cannot see anywhere to connect them ive read on a forum and they said the long white connector pins are for DIGITAL signals only and not analog so im stuck i really dont know what to do

  hugh-265156 22:34 31 Oct 2004

yes i am talking about analogue connections.

do the leads from your case look similar to click here ??

if so then connect the headphone out to the front speaker 'line out' jack on the SBLive (green) purchase a splitter as above like click here and plug this into the green socket and then your stereo speakers into one end of it and your cases front audio lead into the other and you can use headphones and speakers at the same time. if you dont buy a splitter then some juggling of cables is requried.

plug the mic lead from the case into the purple socket on the SBLive. click here

  ktheed1 02:37 01 Nov 2004

ALL of them including the ones for the sound (mic in & Sound Out) are like those little black ones in the photo i havent got the 3.5mm jacks at all,

click here

  hugh-265156 12:31 01 Nov 2004

ah... i see now what you are talking about.

use the gray jacks for sound and mic.

the 'little black' ones are for your front USB ports on your case. most motherboard headers are standard fittings. see 'Front USB via a Port to Header connection' click here might help you a bit in along with your motherboard manual.

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