front panel connectors

  the kopite 06:22 18 Jul 2005

Hi Guys I am about to install a new motherboard a asusA7V600-X but my problem is in the manual it says the system power led connects to pins 3-1 trouble is on the leads from my case the power leads are only two pin do making it impossible to place them on 3-1 can I split the lead thanks guys in advance Kopite

  Derek 06:56 18 Jul 2005

Common fault with many boards. Cut it with a sharp Stanley knife so as to retain a bit of the writing. Watch the numbering and the positive - usually red and the other black.

  octal 07:04 18 Jul 2005

I can't see any reason why not provided you're sure pins 3-1 are for the LED, but the manual says so.

If its the power LED I should think its taken off the 5 volt rail through a surface mounted resistor on the board, you may be able to see that if you carefully look at the board. If you have a multimeter you can check the pins to see if 5 volts are present on them.

  Gongoozler 07:10 18 Jul 2005

Hi kopite. Exactly as Derek says, you need to convert your 2 pin connector to two one pin connectors. Don't worry too much if you can't work out which is positive and which is negative. If you get it the wrong way round all that will happen is that the led won't light. No damage will be done, so you then try the other way round. The same applies to the other leds. The switches and case speaker work fine either way round.

  the kopite 07:45 18 Jul 2005

Thanks you guys yes octal the manual states 3-1 pins I thought that was the way to go guys but needed your expert resurance thanks again Kopite

  the kopite 08:49 18 Jul 2005

Thanks Guys split connector all lights working lol so problem is once again resolved thanks kopite

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