Front Panel Case Connections

  DW9047 18:51 22 Jul 2003

I have just purchased a ATX case from local PC shop as my usual On line supplier has none of the type I want in stock.
When I open the case it has Different front panel connections than what I usually see. I am building an AMD based sytem and just assumed that all ATX cases would be fine and I hope I am right?

The wires are as follows:-
Green 2 +D
White 1 -D
Yellow 2 -D
Red 1 +5v
Red 2 +5v
Blue 1 +D
Black 1 Ground
Black 2 Ground
All single pin connectors.
and 1 4 Pin for the speaker.

In the cases I have used in the past the wires have been marked up with "Reset Switch", "HDD LED", "Power LED" etc. and not as above. Also the Mainboard books previously used refers to assembling by the names "Reset Switch" etc not by colour.

Is this case specific to say Pentium Boards? or can someone please explain which colours go to which connections.


  Rayuk 19:35 22 Jul 2003

Cannot follow your wire combos.
You would be best asking the shop where you bought it from.
Does the case have a manufacturers name on it??

  jimv7 19:46 22 Jul 2003

Sounds like the front usb or firewire or sound connections, we need more information.

  DW9047 20:23 22 Jul 2003


I feel like a 24 carot plonker now. You are right these wires will be for the USB ports on the front of the Case, tucked away down the side of the casing for the Hard disk drives was the wires for the "Reset SW" "HDD LED" etc. Found them whilst trying to find a manufacturers name.

When the Components arrive tomorrow and I am assembling, if I get into problems with the USB wires, ie where to put them, I will post.

What an idiot I am, I just went into panick mode as the first set of wires I saw were not the ones I was used to seeing.


  Rayuk 20:47 22 Jul 2003

So asking the question and getting a response did actually help so alls well.

  DW9047 21:18 22 Jul 2003

Thanks Rayuk,

Yes all is well that ends well, but still a little embarrising.


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