Front Page - local link still showing on upload

  Patr100 23:27 26 Jul 2007

Ok this is one of those intermittant irritating problems. Using Frontpage.

Create folder - create home page - create other pages - manually place hyperlinks between pages.

When uploaded some links work - but some don't seem to work and by checking the HTML still show link to local path eg C:/etc/ my webs/


  Forum Editor 00:08 28 Jul 2007

you have hyperlinked to something that hasn't been uploaded to the server. It hasn't been uploaded to the server because you haven't included it in your FP web file structure.

If you're linking to, say, an image or a PDF, always make sure that you have imported the file into your FP web first. Then use the right click on whatever you want to use as the hyperlink - some text for instance - and select 'create hyperlink'. FP will show you the files that are in your FP web, and you simply navigate to the chosen file and select it. FP will do the rest, and then you can publish the changes to the server.

  Patr100 10:42 28 Jul 2007

Thanks FE I will look claer at that -

Another aspect I have found is that when I try to select a specifc folder in "My webs" to upload - FP seems ot insist on attempting to upload ALL the folders in "My Webs" - even those created for other websites.


  Forum Editor 12:40 28 Jul 2007

is open a web in FP and then upload it. Inside 'My webs' you will have a separate folder for each website - or you should have. Open FP and then select the web you want, using the file/open menu.

Make any changes in FP, save them to your hard drive location, and then upload to the server using FP's 'publish' option from the file menu.

That way, you'll always have a mirror copy of the server version on your hard drive. Whatever you do, don't be tempted to make changes to the site by working directly on the server copy. If you do, you'll run the risk of overwriting all those changes the next time you publish your hard drive copy.

  Patr100 22:42 31 Jul 2007

Ok the problem still is be that when I attempt to publish to the server - FP insists in publishing ALL the files and folder in "My Webs" -

Do I have to convert a folder to a "web" in order to be able to selctively publish that folder and thus what is within that folder? -

  Forum Editor 00:47 01 Aug 2007

Yes, you do. When you save (publish) your site to your hard drive you should do it to a separate folder. FP will tell you that a web doesn't exist in that location, and will ask you if you would like one created.

You shouldn't just publish all your site files to the 'My webs' folder or when you try to publish the site to the server FP will indeed try to upload everything that's in the folder.

When FP creates an individual web folder it will have the special FP folder icon, denoting that it contains a complete FP web. The entire contents of the folder will be uploaded to the server, which is why it's important that you have imported all images in FP (they go in the images folder) as you go along - then they'll be uploaded as well.

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