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  steve263000 10:43 07 Sep 2005

I have a web site at click here This name is one that I purchaseed to cover my original home page name. I have tried to use Front page to upload directly instead of using a tranfer server like the one I use, Terrapin. However, when I put in the original name to upload, I get a message that there is no web site at click here when of course there is. What is happening?

Also, I have put in several pages of JavaScript just for fun and as a experiment. These are just some that I have copied from the web, as I could not write them myself. They may not stay long, but I just like playing about. Anyway, the problem is that I wanted to put two or three to a page, and it just would not work with more than one. I would just like to know why.

I would be interested in comments from the forum. I have put this site up before, but have made a few alterations. Please just remember before kicking me to hard, that this site is a home page, and I am experimenting to see what will work. Is it a bit to much now? Or am I on the right track.

  steve263000 06:59 09 Sep 2005

No replies to my questions. I know that you must think I am thick even for asking them, but if I did not want to know the answers, I would not ask the question. Could someone help please?

  Taran 11:14 09 Sep 2005

Hardly, and no, you aren't 'thick' either.

Perhaps people have been a little pushed for time and/or perhaps they are at a loss here.

I've tried your link this morning on three different computers and the page does not load in Internet Explorer 6 on Windows XP Professional. I've not had the time to check and see if this is a Java related issue with my particular browser setup.

I did get it to load into Firefox though.

The page is very busy. I'd suggest you consider splitting it into several smaller pages with links leading to and fom them.

Scrolling for content is OK up to a point, but your page is very long and contains several distinct 'areas' where the text/images/Bravent includes could be rearranged into other, smaller 'areas' on your site.

On the subject of Bravenet I am not a fan of their offerings. I don't feel that they offer a site any real added value or interest, and in your page's case I think they look a bit out of place due to their dimensions and colour schemes. It seems a bit jumpy to run from full page width text content to a small coloured box of content powered by Bravenet. Perhaps the "Today in History" and "Horoscope" Bravenet applets could be set side by side. This would span your page width quite effectively with two similar size objects.

Your mouse over text effect for hyperlinks makes the page text jump about a lot.

Navigation is key for any website and I'd suggest you consider a navigation bar over the top of your site pages or perhaps down the left side with hyperlinks or buttons leading to and from other site pages. If navigation is either difficult or not terribly obvious you will lose visitor interest in droves. I had to scroll half way through your home page to realise that there were links to other pages in your drop down menu. Until that point I assumed this was a one page affair. Other people will make a similar assumption - navigation (combined with relevant/quality content) is everything.

You've obviously done lots of work here and the above is a 'to the bone' list of concerns placed in no real order of importance. Consistent navigation to your content would vastly improve the visitor experience. Getting the page to load into Internet Explorer would help too, but that could be a problem local to my machines.

Think about logical division of your content into more appealing and less intimidating chunks. There is so much going on and so much content offered it is a little difficult to get to grips with, and slick navigation could go a long way to helping on that front.

Good luck with it. If I get the time later today or perhaps over the weekend I'll try to track down the cause of the Internet Explorer browser failure. I suspect that it is simply confused over so much JavaScript, but don't take that as read until I get the chance to dig around a bit.


  steve263000 15:39 09 Sep 2005

I would like to thank Taran for his words and feedback. I have tried the site out on various computers myself, Firefox and I.E. and it seems to work with no problems. As I have said, this is a site that I am experimenting with, and any help will be recieved gratefully.

When I get some time I will have another go at changing it a bit, and take some note of the comments.

  steve263000 11:29 12 Sep 2005

I have taken note of some of the words of advice from Taran, and shortened the home page a good bit, with links to the other sections. The drop down menu has been moved to the top of the page. I can see what Taran means about the mouse over effect, but I have forgotten how I did it! Someone give me a clue please.

The "today in history" and "horoscope" have now gone. They were not being used anyway, and when I came back with a less jaundiced eye, I could see that they looked a bit tacky. Once again any comments would be accepted.

Just one thing that has not been answered though. To upload a site directly from Front page, do I have to allow F.P. to create its own version of my web site before it will upload?

  chokkybikky 13:42 12 Sep 2005

Regarding JavaScript - I've had a quick look at your coding. Your scripts contain quite a few mistakes - mainly where you have placed them. Try View>Page Source and notice where your head and body section HTML codes are. Have a look at the W3Schools website for simple tutorial on JavaScript for more ideas.

This page shows where your codes should go:-

click here

  Taran 18:33 12 Sep 2005

I don't undertand your question:

"To upload a site directly from Front page, do I have to allow F.P. to create its own version of my web site before it will upload?"

Assuming you used FrontPage to create your site, using the File >> Publish Site command will bring up an FTP view of your site in its folder on your hard drive and the files that make up your site on your web server.

You can use this view to delete content from the web server, synchronise the local copy of the site on your hard drive to the files on your web server, and you can tell FrontPage in the publishing options to overwrite all files on the web server with the latest copies you are publishing, instead of only publishing pages you have recently edited.

I'm going to take a closer look at your site later this evening.


  steve263000 04:32 13 Sep 2005

Thanks to chokkybikky for the info re JavaScript. I will check this out when I have the time later on.

Taran, I have not put this question very well, and it is my fault. I have been using Terrapin to transfer my files via F.P. That is all very well, but I have been asked to build a site for someone else, and I now want to use Front page to do the transfer.

When I tried this for my site, I had a message to say that front page had not found a site named click here Of course there is that site on the web. Is it just that I have not used F.P. to upload directly before and I have to allow it to create the site before I can use F.P. to transfer directly?

This may seem like a stupid question, but I do not want to spoil anything in the site by making any errors.


  steve263000 17:01 15 Sep 2005

Thanks to all that have helped, but I am going to close the thread now. As to the question re uploading straight from F.P., it is not possible using my web space. I tried it, and had a message from F.P. to say that as I my web space did not support front page extentions or web authoring I could not upload.

So I will continue to use good old Terrapin. It is not worth me paying extra to move my site, as it is only a personal site. However, I have been asked to build a site for someone for a small business, and I will certainly go the other route then.


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