Front Page 2003 language technical issue

  DWYRYD 18:58 03 Aug 2007

I'm trying to design a bilingual (English/Welsh) website for our local rugby club. Leading from the index page I have an English subtree (if that's the correct term) and a Welsh subtree - both subtrees have identical content, apart from the language. The problem I'm having is in trying to create a link bar based on the navigation structure. There no problem with the English side - the links to each page e.g. fixtures, results, home etc.appear as I would wish. Although the Welsh language links appear correctly (as per page name) the link to the home page always appears as "Home" - and so although I have a row of links showing Welsh words, as is the intention, I'm unable to change "Home" to the Welsh word for "Home" because the software uses words such as home, next, back etc. automatically, according to the structure of the website. Any suggestions would be gratefully received.

  djbenny 14:18 04 Aug 2007

is the website running on the internet, it would be easier to have a look

  DWYRYD 14:54 04 Aug 2007

Not as yet, sorry. I've a links bar at the top of each page which Front Page creates based on the navigation structure - all the pages are at the same level within the structure apart from the home page which is at the parent level - it works fine in the English version but in the Welsh version all the Welsh words appear correctly in the bar links, adopting the name of the appropriate page, but I'm unable to name the link to the home page "Cartref" (the Welsh for Home)as Front Page sees it at the Home page and consequently insists on calling it "Home"

  DWYRYD 22:08 04 Aug 2007

Thanks for the advice - I've tried what you suggested - that may resolve the original problem but it creates a new one - by browsing and creating manual links for the links bar I get the name of the page followed by .htm appearing on the links bar - how can I avoid having the .htm appear?

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