Front mounted USB ports

  jessej 11:42 20 Jan 2004

Hi, following a lot of advice from both this forum and another I finally went mad and replaced the motherboard. My computer now boasts an ASUS A7V8X-MX board with an Athlon XP2200+ processor. After a PC Chips board with a Via Cyrix III (534MHz) I am overjoyed, its flying along. One question though. There are 4 USB ports on the back, as usual, and 2 extra ones on the board. Could the extra ones be routed to the front of the case, if so, is there such a thing as a replacement plate to hold them that would take the place of one of the blanking plates? On the case there are two large (DVD/CD) size and one small (floppy size) so there is plenty of room should it be possible for this to be done.

  smegs 11:47 20 Jan 2004

jessej, yes it is possible. I have a Dell with 4 on the back and 2 on the front, BUT I couldn't tell U how to do this. SORRY.

  scotty 11:49 20 Jan 2004

You could have a look here click here

  Aspman 12:13 20 Jan 2004

If you have 2x USB risers on the board (sets of 7 or 9 pins (I can't remember)) this will give you 4 extra USB slots.

Any of the kits Scotty has linked to will do the job. The cables are a bit on the fiddly side to fit, they don't often come as one nice plug but umpteen single pin connectors. Easiest for those with small hands.

  woodchip 12:32 20 Jan 2004

And if you get them in the Wrong order USB will no longer work!!!!!!!! You can blow a onboard fuse that is not replaceable

  silliw 13:11 20 Jan 2004

Trust also do a front mounted unit that takes the place of a 5 1/2 drive bay and contains 4 usb2 connections. I fitted one for a mate. It has a single plug that will fit one of the 7 pin risers on the motherboard.

  1st RHA 13:15 20 Jan 2004

these are handy but lack same power as rear ports sometimes as I found with my printer.

sometimes you need to mix and match or use a powered hub

  jessej 14:21 20 Jan 2004

Many thanks to all who replied, especially scotty, that site shows a lot of possibilities that I had not even begun to think of, not least the noise reduction kits. This computer is a lot noisier than it used to be, most likely down to a new cooling fan. Anyhow, thanks again.

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